[Webinar] Compliance and automation: the winning duo

All companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity, are now concerned by compliance. The regulatory framework aimed at protecting the consumer and reducing the risks for organizations is extremely fluid and the multiplication of standards has a strong impact on organizations that must comply within a given timeframe.  

Faced with the risk of sanctions and controls by regulators, companies are gradually transforming themselves and are increasingly turning to innovative digital solutions to gain in efficiency and traceability. This issue is particularly strategic in bancassurance, where regulations are increasingly numerous and complex and require organizations to be able to adapt quickly, both from an organizational and technical point of view. The latter are therefore increasingly turning to intelligent automation to gain productivity and reliability in terms of compliance. 

During this webinar, discover how to accelerate and make your compliance strategy more reliable with automation.  

This webinar (conference provided in French) will be illustrated by the experience of our client CMB Monaco. Riad Lachelak – Head of Operation and Gilda Corneli – Head of back office Securities of CMB Monaco, will talk about their project to implement an automated process of control and validation of stock exchange orders. They will talk about their challenges as well as the benefits of automation and its ROI. 

Agenda : 

  • Compliance: issues and impacts on the IS 
  • Risks of non-compliance 
  • How to accelerate and make your compliance strategy more reliable with automation 
  • CMB’s feedback on the implementation of an automated control and validation process for stock exchange orders