Novelis / NICE Advanced Process Automation : video clip

Novelis is pleased to be a partner of NICE and its RPA solution. NICE has more than 15years of experience in the automation field, especially around the special needs around the contacts centers, the desktop automation. NICE has launched two years ago a virtual assistant called NEVA which is able to help and support the employees and their daily tasks.

Novelis is also part of the alpha program of NICE for the third year in a row. This program has the objective to participate to the evaluation of all the releases done by NICE. It’s also the opportunity for Novelis to share its points of view for the features, the needs identified in the different projects done.

Please find below our video with NICE as our partner :

Novelis, partner of the NICE Interactions Paris 2021 event

On Wednesday, October 6th, attend the largest live event dedicated to new generation Customer and Employee Experiences with NICE and Novelis!

An event dedicated to the future of customer experience with the program :

  • Customer use cases,
  • Speeches from industry professionals and analysts,
  • Best practices related to the installation of the latest innovations that are transforming the contact center market.

In short, all the keys to success to master the new challenges of customer relations and to reinvent your relationships with your employees.

Interactions Live is THE conference to discover the latest technological advances in customer and employee experience.”


As a sponsor and preferred automation partner of NICE, we will be attending the live talks and will be available after the event to answer any questions you may have about cloud, digital, analytics, AI and automation related to managing your customer and employee experiences.

Inspiring speakers

Each year, this event dedicated to the new era of customer and employee experiences provides an opportunity to take stock of new advances in CX.

NICE Interactions gathers leaders and experts of the sector who come to share their ambitions and their vision on the various themes and innovations that are transforming the market.

Meet leaders such as AMARC, Armatis, Canal+, Teleperformance. Mr. Michel-Edouard Leclerc will also be present to discuss the role of customer culture in corporate strategy.

In total, more than 1,000 customer relations professionals will be remotely connected!

Novelis customer relationship management expert

At Novelis, we offer our expertise in customer relationship management with a pragmatic approach, integrating both the management of key processes (complaints, support, account management…) and the functional dimension (IVR, CRM, Unified Desktop, sentiment analysis, voice…).

In order to improve team performance, employee satisfaction and customer experience, we offer our teams of experts with process robotization solutions (RPA), chatbots or voicebots for document dematerialization and OCR projects.

We are committed to making Smart Automation accessible to all organizations, which is why we do our best to combine our technologies in accordance with your IT roadmap.