Novelis Lab is our dedicated structure for research and development. It is the nerve center of Novelis which aims to develop and implement our Innovation and Research strategy.

This strategy aims to master the era’s technologies and enables us to play our part in through the realisation of ambitious projects to unlock technological barriers.

The themes in which the Lab is invested are diverse :

Smart Automation

Augmented Reality


Artificial Intelligence

The Lab is currently working on an ambitious and multi-year project : Smart Programming. This project aims to design and install artificial developers in order to simplify the business of IT development and exceed technological limits and constraints, as well as avoid repetitive work.

Our ambition is to see IT development differently and let IT project actors to focus on tasks that can bring more added value!

In addition to this flagship project, we are also working on building bricks to optimize recurring business processes for our customers. These bricks are built on the basis of robust and scalable architectures and are based on innovative technological supports, essentially around Artificial Intelligence.

We are also designing innovative solutions to anticipate tomorrow’s digital uses, through new user experiences.


Our effort were praised by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research for two years in a row, which gives Novelis the Label of “Young Innovative Company”.

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Furthermore, research works better with partners. Novelis is actively working to build bridges with prestigious universities and schools. This is how a partnership was established with l’Institut Polytechnique. We are determined with our approach, building links with other organizations and stimulating synergies to go further, and faster.

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