Agile methodologies
3 Years
Type of diplomas:
BAC + 5
Your missions
  • Create the conditions for an effective transversal operational functioning of the project team through sprints Guarantee a collaborative functioning in continuous improvement between the teams in liaison with the technical direction
  • Report on the progress of the work, what is in progress and help resolve the problems encountered
  • Streamline and coordinate exchanges between the Product Manager and the developer team
  • Be the guarantor of the good behavior of the rituals and the respect of the agile method within its team (planning, dress, respect of the rituals): Backlog, Poker Planning, DSM, Retro, Demo
  • Anticipate the need for technical / functional groomings based on requests from teams and Product Managers
  • Anticipate before sprints and control the front / back consistency of developments (front – back contract) and deliverables (release, branch merge, contract with PM)

You also work on technical aspects on AngularJS, NodeJS, Java and master the continuous integration platforms (agile tests, automation, code quality).

Your profile

You come from a bac + 5 training, you benefit from a significant experience of Agile project management in a Scrum Master role. You have a good knowledge of Agile methodologies, but know how to be pragmatic by combining different practices to adapt them to the reality on the ground. You like to discuss technical matters and pay particular attention to sharing knowledge

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