Novelis is a consulting firm, founded by enthusiasts around shared values ​​and the desire to be part of a movement towards research and innovation.

We live in a world deeply marked by the effects of digital transformation. The transition has only just begun, and it is irrevocable… This change is not without impact on businesses, quite the contrary. It conditions their strategies and their competitiveness in an increasingly globalized world.


At Novelis, we are putting cutting-edge technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotization, at the service of the business challenges of our clients and their clients.

We want to make technological innovation a lever for growth and operational efficiency.

Our R&D Lab, which welcomes specialized doctors, is the means for Novelis to be an actor in this rich period which will transform our lives and open up important perspectives for all types of companies. We firmly believe that our strong and commited investment in knowledge will allow us to master these innovative technologies and be able to deploy them effectively to serve our clients.

At the heart of Novelis is passionate women and men, with expertise, a sense of collaborative teamwork, attention to detail, and a love for a job well done. They are the bearers of our values ​​and the spirit of the company.

Particularly focused on knowledge management, which is part of our long-term continuous improvement strategy, we support the current technological revolution and allow the employees to take part in the process.

The story of Novelis

We like to adapt our strategies to offer each client the best IT solutions.


Creation of the firm


Creation of a first agency in Morocco


Creation of a subsidiary specializing in automation technologies and operational efficiency : Birth of RPA Technologies


Creation of a second agency in Morocco and a branch in Madrid


Arrival of the 50th employee


Arrival of new partners and opening of the company to employee shareholding

Novelis has been intensely focused on the values ​​that structure the company. Values ​​are the cement that allows you to build, progress, and get through stressors without deviating from the main path. Values build bonds that go beyond simple collaboration, they make it possible to make sense of the company’s strategy and allow everyone to take ownership in reaching organizational objectives.


Teamwork is one of the first founding values of Novelis. In many organizations, the competition between collective and individual challenges is a serious obstacle to development, growth, fulfilment, and emergence of new ideas. This is a “human” and short-term response. However, the success of collective challenges is the best springboard to surpass individual challenges. The concept of collaboration is a true state of mind which implies a true culture of sharing, mutual aid, and regards to the company’s long-term plans.


Innovation stands out as an essential value. A relentless quest for new ideas, models, and solutions for effectively responding to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s endeavours. Its implementation is not an easy path and requires constant intellectual discipline.


Transparency is another value which may seem obvious, yet it comes up against human issues and behaviour, because it is tempting to hide what can handicap us. Beyond moral enhancement, transparency is an investment that can prove to be beneficial over time, because it establishes a climate of trust, and induces a credibility that facilitates building long lasting collaborations.


Our approach is also based on Audacity and risk-taking. This involves developing, imagining and implementing unorthodox solutions to achieve a goal or an ambition. It is an approach which accepts failure as a possibility or an opportunity and not a fatality, and sees in it the scraps and ingredients of future success.


Excellence begins with a keen sense of service, a flawless involvement in the execution of our tasks, but also a permanent attention to detail and taking care of our interventions from start to finish. The quest for excellence also requires humility and a permanent capability to question oneself as well as learn from one’s mistakes and from others, in a process of continuous improvement.


Finally, Agility. We have adopted Agility at Novelis, not only as a methodology, but above all as a working philosophy. Project execution has shifted, we often face less bulky projects with a shorter Time-to-Market frames and constantly changing requirements. Agility is therefore essential to be able to address this new generation of projects, in the most efficient and effective ways.

Our company’s ambition, through all these shared values, is to ensure that we practice our profession differently because we carry a deep conviction that human values are not obstacles to development, quite the contrary. We firmly believe that embodying these values will enable us to participate in marking this new trend!

In addition, the challenge that Novelis is facing today is that of staying true to our values and ideals in a context of solid growth. For this, our employees are there to remind us of what brings us together and straighten the path, if and when necessary, to respect our fundamental standards.