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Novelis TV campaign launch: discover our press release!


#pub #tv

Jun 15 , 2020 read

Novelis is pleased to share its press release regarding the launch of its first TV campaign on BFM Business and LCI. This campaign was conducted with the support of Superpitch, a communication agency specialized in digital evangelism.

This campaign was conducted with the participation of Microsoft, Uipath, Blueprism, NICE and Abbyy who are Novelis' partners on all topics related to intelligent automation (Smart Automation, Robotic Process Automation, Virtual Assistant, OCR,NLP,…).

For more information:

@Novelis : Fabien Fouissard – ffouissard@novelis.io – 06 26 47 72 61

@Superpitch : Marion Bocquet – marion.bocquet@superpitech.fr – 06 27 67 61 90

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