Novelis takes part in SS&C Blue Prism User Group event in Greece

Novelis announces its participation in the SS&C Blue Prism quarterly conference in Greece on March 14th. This event marks a significant milestone for Novelis, recently honored with the Gold partner status.

Designed for a broad audience including developers, process engineers, and specialists in RPA and intelligent automation, the conference serves as a hub for collaboration and innovation. Attendees will engage in peer discussions, expand their networks, and tackle the challenges of automation, sharing knowledge and strategies to enhance operational efficiency.

Highlighting SmartRoby: Novelis’ Automation Governance Platform

In a dedicated session, Novelis will showcase SmartRoby, its acclaimed automation governance platform. Ina Krebs, General Manager for DACH & Nordics and Georges Abou Haidar, Product Manager and Solutions Architect from Novelis will share insights on how SmartRoby is helping companies optimize and streamline their IA operations. 

SmartRoby’s design caters to a wide array of users, from SMEs and COEs to management teams, offering:

  • Real-Time Monitoring: Enables stakeholders at all levels to monitor intelligent automation operations in real-time, fostering informed decision-making and enhanced visbility on the automations’ throughput. 
  • Exception Management: Users can efficiently manage and resolve exceptions, ensuring smoother automation processes.
  • Performance Visibility: The platform provides detailed insights into automation and resource performance, supporting process optimization and effectiveness.

SmartRoby’s introduction to organizations aims to enhance understanding and control over their automation landscapes, empowering teams to optimize operations and drive better automation outcomes.

Paris Summit 2023: Novelis at the annual SS&C Blue Prism event dedicated to automation

The Paris Summit 2023 is our partner SS&C Blue Prism‘s annual event dedicated to automation.

This morning of exchanges and discoveries will be an opportunity for customers and partners to share their experiences and best practices in intelligent automation. Much more than just conferences, the Paris Summit is a celebration of the innovation that is shaping the future of our businesses.

It’s at the Cercle d’Aumale that Novelis is invited to host a conference with one of its client around Process Intelligence. Novelis has been supporting its client in mapping its information system with a mind to overhauling it, and the deployment of BPPI – SS&C Blue Prim’s Process Intelligence solution. During the conference, we will go into the details of the project, its keys to success and the results obtained to date, as the project is still ongoing.
Our team, consisting of Mehdi Nafe – CEO of Novelis, Nassima Ait Bihi – VP Head of Sales & Marketing Southern Europe and Raphaël Brunel – Senior Business Analyst and Process Intelligence Expert, will be on hand to answer all your operational and technical questions: business and sector-specific issues, uses linked to AI, Intelligent Automation, evolution of RPA and Process Intelligence innovations.

It’s thanks to the unique synergies between these different technologies that our customers succeed in unlocking new levels of efficiency and productivity every day. By automating certain business processes and using AI, your company too – whatever its size – may be able to gain a crucial competitive edge in the digital age.

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cercle d'aumale

Novelis sponsoring the Intelligent Automation Exchange in Miami

Novelis is delighted to announce its sponsorship of the upcoming Intelligent Automation Exchange taking place on June 27-28 in Miami. This prominent industry event will bring together thought leaders, experts, and technology enthusiasts to explore the latest advancements and trends in the field of intelligent automation. 

Unleashing the Power of Intelligent Automation 

Intelligent automation has revolutionized industries by combining artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. As a company dedicated to harnessing the power of automation, Novelis is thrilled to be part of this conference and contribute to the ongoing dialogue around intelligent automation’s transformative potential. 

The Intelligent Automation Exchange provides an exceptional platform for professionals, executives, and decision-makers to network, share insights, and gain invaluable knowledge about cutting-edge technologies. With an impressive lineup of industry experts and thought leaders, attendees can expect to participate in engaging discussions, informative presentations, and interactive workshops. 

Unlocking Efficiency and Success 

As a sponsor, Novelis aims to showcase its state-of-the-art automation solutions and demonstrate how they can enable organizations to unlock new levels of productivity, accuracy, and cost savings. Catherine Stewart, President & General Manager for the Americas at Novelis and Georges Abou Haidar, Solutions Architect at Novelis will be available at the event to connect with attendees, answer questions, and provide insights into the myriad benefits of implementing intelligent automation in various business processes. 

For more information about Novelis and its automation solutions

You can also find details about the Intelligent Automation Exchange on their website

International Conference on Code Generation and Implementation

During the ” International Conference on Code Generation and Implementation “, the team of PhDs from our internal research laboratory presented the results of their work on a new approach to generate Java code from descriptions written in natural language.   

This international research conference aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers and leading academics to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of code generation and implementation.  

It also helps to create an interdisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss innovations, trends and solutions in the fields of code generation and implementation. 

Our PhD team composed of Jessica Lopez Espejel, Mahaman Sanoussi Yahaya Alassan, Walid Dahhane, El Hassane Ettifouri contributed to the conference by submitting the results of their research.   

In particular, Jessica Lopez Espejel, PhD Research and Development Engineer in Novelis’ R&D Lab, presented our new approach to generate Java code from descriptions written in natural language. This is also the approach we showcased at the international CodeXGLUE challenge organized by Microsoft on Java code generation from natural language for which we were ranked 1st.  

In this conference we intoduced JaCoText, a model based on the neural network Transformer. It aims at generating Java source code from natural language texts. JaCoText exploits the advantages of both code generation and natural language models. Specifically, we study some of the state-of-the-art results and use them to (1) initialize our model from powerful pre-trained models, (2) explore additional pre-training on our java dataset, (3) conduct experiments combining unimodal and bimodal data in training, and (4) scale the length of the input and output during model fine-tuning. Experiments conducted on the CONCODE dataset show that JaCoText achieves new state-of-the-art results. 

Watch the replay of our presentation.  

Jessica Lopez Espejel was proud to receive the “Best Presentation Award” from the program committee in accordance with the conference awards program. 

Conference at EPITA – Application of AI in software construction

Wednesday, May 11th at 4:30 pm, El Hassane ETTIFOURI, CIO of Novelis, PhD in AI and Software Engineering, expert in automation, will present an online conference (in french) to the students of EPITA Paris, the school of computer engineers.

The conference will focus on the Application of AI in Software Construction.  

Improving the understanding of natural language requirements and enabling the machine to design and develop IT solutions based on natural language descriptions is one of the missions we have set ourselves at Novelis.

On the conference agenda:  

➡️A few words on AI and Software Engineering
➡️The alliance between AI and GL 
➡️Our Deep Transforming approach  
➡️The AIDA Artificial Developer


Since its creation in 1984, EPITA is the first engineering school specialized in computer science in Paris.

It prepares its passionate students for careers in engineering and digital technology to build the world of tomorrow.