We specialize in delivering comprehensive solutions that seamlessly integrate intelligent automation, process intelligence, AI technologies, and cybersecurity measures, all within innovative architectural frameworks. Our suite of services is meticulously designed to elevate your company's operational efficiency while ensuring its resilience for the future.

Our Services

Intelligent Automation

Novelis stands out with a dedicated team of 50+ certified consultants. Our focus is on practical implementation of intelligent automation solutions, leveraging technologies like RPA, Generative AI, NLP, and desktop automation to deliver real results.​

Artificial Intelligence and GenAI

As an expert partner in operational efficiency, we offer customized and secure AI solutions. Our in-house R&D Lab, staffed by a team of experts in AI, NLP and generative AI, guides you from design to deployment of high-quality business applications and all your AI projects.

Process Intelligence:

With Process Intelligence (PI), our 40+ consultants understand your processes, aiding informed decisions and boosting operational efficiency.

Innovative Architectures

We partner with you to shape the most suitable technical and functional frameworks to simplify, harmonize, and operate secure information systems.​


Seamlessly integrate real-time threat analysis, encompassing intrusion tests, audits, and threat identification, with continuous support for governance, processes, and best practices.This comprehensive approach fortifies your defenses against cyber-attacks and fosters enduring cyber resilience.​


We help you digitize your documents and unstructured data with IDP and NLP, coupled with RPA.

Identity Management (IGA/IAM/PAM)

Our team of specialized cybersecurity consultants assists clients in all sectors in the deployment and management of their identity governance and administration infrastructures.

Applications Development

With a capacity to intervene at all stages of a Java development project (training, coaching, project management, AMOA, architecture, implementation, ...), Novelis has a very high level of response and reactivity.

Agile Project Management

Monitoring and management of projects from the collection of user needs to the production launch. Our experts Project Directors, Product Owners, Scrum Masters or Project Managers will support you in the complete management of your projects.

Our Products


Your Automation Governance Platform

SmartRoby is a solution that supports all RPA stakeholders in their automation journey and streamlines RPA operations by facilitating impact assessment and process execution management. ​

Novy POM

Your Purchase & Order Management Platform

Novy POM is a business solution that enables the intelligent and automatic processing of supplier invoices and customer purchase orders, optimizing their management throughout the entire chain.


Your Precision Summarization Solution

eSummarize is an innovative solution for quickly producing accurate and concise summaries from unstructured texts and lengthy documents. Leveraging generative AI algorithms, eSummarize extracts all essential information from your documents to provide high-quality summaries in just one click. ​


Your Advanced Document Anonymization Solution

eShadow is an advanced document pseudonymization and anonymization solution designed to protect sensitive data. Using sophisticated techniques that combine generative and symbolic AI, eShadow secures your confidential information while preserving its utility for data analysis and processing. ​

Our Partners