Our clients speak better than we do

Thierry Da Silva

By our side for the past 4 years, Novelis‘ teams have contributed to our success by supporting us in our digital transformation. We rely on their high level of technology to maintain our digital competitiveness and help us strengthen our operational excellence. 

Yahya Filali Baba

Information and Integration System Architect

Innovative solutions addressing the challenges of digital transformation have been implemented thanks to Novelis. Proficiency and flexibility are two pillars characterizing the teams supporting FBD. Thanks to the advancements and accomplishments achieved, our systems are now more modern and secure.

Stanislas Perlinski

Head of IT department - Centre de gestion de la Sarthe

Management center of the Sarthe region called upon Novelis for a technical and organizational audit of the Information System Security. They proposed us a clear, relevant and rigorous analysis scenario. Their work allowed us to highlight weaknesses in our system that could have been damaging if they had been exploited by a malicious user. The clear and detailed reports allowed us to correct the weaknesses identified as quickly as possible, and gave us tools and guidelines to improve our security practices and procedures in the long term.

Akshay Bissoon

IT Executive, CIO | CISO - Lussier

As part of our business process industrialization and automation agenda, we partnered with Novelis to set up SS&C’s Blue Prism. Our AWS ecosystem was a key accelerator in the  deployment of the RPA solution. AWS was our chosen cloud platform given its security protocols and scalability features. Blue Prism integration on AWS was a seamless experience. The endeavour, proven to be very successful, as we automated financial business processes within a few weeks. Our RPA journey with Novelis is just starting as we leverage the current foundation, add more use cases and improve our digital operations.

Eric Esnault

CEO - Contaxium

Contaxium wants to use technology not just as a means, but as a differentiating element that accelerates business. The choice of a player capable of supporting us in this area was therefore strategic, and working with Novelis was an obvious choice. Novelis is a global technology player with a high level of expertise, capable of proposing solutions tailored to our needs, which has helped us with a wide range of specific issues (cybersecurity, process automation, etc.). The teams are responsive and competent, which confirms my decision choosen for Contaxium. Above all, Novelis is a company that shares the same spirit, human values and taste for a job well done. 

Isabelle Lemery

Project Manager - Soufflet

Working with Novelis means being accompanied by responsive teams that are available at all times.  Our exchanges are daily, which allows us to quickly get to the heart of the matter. The teams listen to us, they understand our needs, requests or questions on technical subjects (RPA, automation) and always provide us with quick and documented answers, which are easily understood by the businesses and no one is left out. This helps us to progress and improve our skills on the product itself as well as on the technologies used.  Novelis is a force of proposal on various subjects and offers us solutions adapted to our problems.   

Riad Lachelak

Head of Operations​ - CMB Monaco

With the Novelis teams, we were able to transform a legal restriction into an opportunity: for our back-office teams, who were freed from very time-consuming tasks, and also from a financial point of view, as the automation offered us an unparalleled level of compliance and revenue generation. Novelis was able to support the change with the employees and the phased approach allowed us to put the first automated processes into production very quickly. Automation is a true value-creating lever that all companies should implement!

Thierry Gauthier

Project Manager - Universcience

We entrusted Novelis with our third-party application maintenance as part of a 4-year contract. Novelis has been attentive to our needs and has been a force of proposal in the implementation as well as in the follow-up of the projects. The technical team has always been reactive when we encountered difficulties, which has allowed the satisfaction of our client departments.

Emmanuel Quéré

Head of New Projects Office

Novelis was able to bring its expertise to support the Council of State’s IT department in the urbanization and transformation study of the litigation information system. This is a modernization of the information system which also led to the technical design and operational implementation of a new innovative architecture based on micro-services. Today, this support continues and is part of a global program to progressively overhaul the applications in the litigation area. The transition takes into account business, technical and security constraints.

Jean-luc Stephan

IT project manager - IRSN

Novelis supported IRSN in an efficient and professional manner in the deployment of a Flexicapture solution and the definition of recognition models for long and complex documents.

Caroline Le Nost

Executive Assistant - Me Group

The IT Me-Group teams particularly appreciate the solutions offered by Novelis. The exchanges are constructive. The Novelis team is very attentive and responsive to business issues.

Julie Laurin

Continuous Improvement Specialist - Lussier

As Project Manager for Process Robotics at Lussier, I have the privilege of working with the dynamic Novelis team. They bring their expertise to evaluate the performance of our projects and help our operations to optimize our processes in the most efficient way and in a timely manner. Their tools, such as SmartRoby, bring great value and allow us to have an excellent view on the projects in progress thanks to its powerful dashboards. This tool is easy to use and allows us to obtain conclusive data on the details of each process. Thank you to the entire team!

Valérie Crespin

Business Manager - iQera

Expertise, agility and customer service, Novelis: a quality partner.