why join us


To benefit from a start-up spirit that favors initiative and a rapid rise in competence!

We are an international technology player, we support our customers partners around innovative architectures, data, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Automation.


To work alongside experts in AI & RPA and techno enthusiasts

We are a dynamic and agile structure that has chosen to invest 30% of its turnover in R&D through our internal research laboratory, which includes a dozen researchers and doctors in AI. We want to help scientific research evolve.


To benefit from a 360° range of activities

Joining Novelis means joining a company that publishes its own software solutions thanks to innovative technologies that have not yet been proven. It means being part of a collective company project, working on emerging technologies and having an impact on the technological world of tomorrow.


Our success is not measured by our profits but by the impact we will have on the outside world, whether it is through our Laboratory or the sponsorship with the work that being done by our team.

It’s because there are always new challenges to be met, that at Novelis you don’t just sign up for an assignment, you sign up for a full career.

Joining Novelis is to make a reliable bet on the future, it is to join a young, dynamic company with a lot of ambition in its growth strategy. It's a bit like joining a firm "of the future"...

When I arrived at Novelis, I was immediately struck by the richness of the proposed model and the human qualities of the partners and the teams. Novelis is a somewhat hybrid structure halfway between startup, consulting firm, publisher and service company...

What I like about working at Novelis is the opportunity to constantly evolve and be involved in a variety of topics. […] If I had to convince a future recruit to join us, I would say that joining Novelis is choosing a company with a lot of potential where you can develop new skills.