Our Professions

We are looking for ambitious people who want to have an impact on the technological world of tomorrow. Working at Novelis, you can build a career and evolve quickly but also invest in the company beyond your missions to advance the collective!

Lab R&D

Within our internal research laboratory, our team of doctors in AI / Machine Learning / NLP and R&D engineers, works daily on fundamental and experimental research around AI and NLP.   

We are committed to using new technologies, such as AI, as tools to better serve our clients' business challenges and thus better support them in their transformation. We analyze and exploit data through the construction of predictive models of complex algorithms (AI integration, Deep Learning / Machine Learning). 


The Novelis team of technical experts gathers profiles with various expertises ranging from full stack Java development, through IT architecture, software design and development engineering, or Data Engineering. 

Thanks to our technical, business and methodological expertise, we can propose the most efficient architectures to our clients but also accompany them from start to finish in their digital projects. 



Within the Smart Automation division, we have more than 50 collaborators certified on the leading solutions of the market (Blue Prism, NICE, UiPath) for which we are partners. Our RPA consultants and Cognitive Automation engineers work daily with our clients to manage their process automation projects. Thanks to their expertise in AI, NLP, OCR, they can deliver efficient and intelligent automation projects.  

As a specialist in business process efficiency, Novelis invested early in automation by recruiting and training many collaborators. With more than 200 automated processes in various domains and sectors and a high level of partnership with the market's leading editors, Novelis is today one of the most advanced players in Smart Automation. 

Project Management

Our Project Management team is made up of IT project managers, AMOA consultants, Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Product Owner: collaborators capable of speaking both business and technical language with our clients. 

 Our project managers must be agile and attentive to the needs of our clients in order to anticipate their challenges and constraints. Our clients recognize our ability to adapt and anticipate with a high level of requirement and transparency.


Our business team is constantly growing and is made up of experienced sales people, business engineers and business developers who support our customers in their daily digital transformation. 

We are investing more and more in business because it is the key to our growth, especially internationally. Working hand in hand with our consultants, our business team accompanies our clients upstream from the expression of need to the finalization of projects and their follow-up for a relationship of proximity and trust. 

HR & Recruitment

Human resources managers, recruiters, IT Talent Acquisition, are an integral part of Novelis' development. What we expect from them above all: benevolence and perseverance in order to achieve our ambitious objectives in recruiting over-subscribed profiles.     

The mission of our recruiting team is not only to find good technical profiles, but also to find people who adhere to Novelis culture and values. We don't just develop code, we develop rich and diverse careers. 

Novelians speak better than we do

At Novelis, I was immediately accompanied and guided by qualified experts in their fields who were available each time I asked for help. Thanks to them, I have progressively increased my skills and I have learned with the help of the trainings and certifications that were offered to me.

Thinhinane Hamiti

RPA consultant

Our success is not measured by our profits but by the impact we will have on the outside world, whether it is through our Laboratory or the sponsorship with the work that being done by our team.

Julie Soulas

Operational Manager

Novelis is not only positioned as a service provider, but rather as a full-partner who is able to support the growth of its clients on particularly innovative topics.

Tiphène Delalande

Account Executive IT

It's because there are always new challenges to be met, that at Novelis you don't just sign up for an assignment, you sign up for a full career...

Sylvie Lottiaux

Project Director

What I appreciate most about working at Novelis is the team spirit I was looking for. I have the chance to work with people who listen to me and are always ready to help me

Nadine Tannoury

Product Owner & Project Manager

Joining Novelis is to make a reliable bet on the future, it is to join a young, dynamic company with a lot of ambition in its growth strategy. It's a bit like joining a firm "of the future"...

Hossem El Bedoui

Consultant AMOA/PO

When I arrived at Novelis, I was immediately struck by the richness of the proposed model and the human qualities of the partners and the teams. Novelis is a somewhat hybrid structure halfway between startup, consulting firm, publisher and service company...

Laura Audinot

Marketing & Communication Director

What I like about working at Novelis is the opportunity to constantly evolve and be involved in a variety of topics. […] If I had to convince a future recruit to join us, I would say that joining Novelis is choosing a company with a lot of potential where you can develop new skills.

Georges Abou Haidar

Solutions Architect

Since our founding, we have bet on scientific research and emerging technologies to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive landscape. Today, we invest 1/4 of our revenue in our R&D Lab to advance research around AI...

Olivier Chosson

Director of Operations

Our goal in designing the Novelis R&D Lab was to master the state of the art in science, i.e. the latest scientific discoveries and advances. Our ambition for tomorrow is to create a team of intelligent agents to help developers...

El Hassane Ettifouri

Associate & Director of Innovation