Novelis helps you secure your organization and your systems

Protecting yourself from cyber risks is not always synonymous with high costs and some simple actions can already significantly reduce your exposure

Cyber attacks are not the prerogative of large groups and in France 9 companies out of 10 have already been affected by a cyber malicious act. Novelis offers its expertise in cybersecurity in a pragmatic approach, integrating both the dimension related to the analysis of the current situation ( intrusion tests, audit, identification of internal and external threats…) but also on a long term support in terms of governance, processes and best practices to protect against cyber attacks and to establish a cyber resilience mechanism.

Your challenges  

 Cybersecurity is a priority for companies   

The challenges and risks involved are numerous and can have irreversible consequences for organizations:  

Our offer   

With Novelis, you benefit from the support of specialized cybersecurity consultants who are able to detect vulnerabilities (whether they come from inside or outside), to propose a system mapping with prioritized recommendations according to the level of criticality. We also help your teams to increase their security skills and advise you on the best technologies and methodologies to protect your organization and its systems. 

The ” Cybersecurity ” offer is :   

Audit and Security Assessment: A first step to assess your vulnerabilities    

Novelis offers to perform intrusion tests and audit your systems to detect vulnerabilities and assess the impact of a cyber attack on your systems.    

Optimization strategy and Cyber-resilience    

Creation of a system map and a justified risk hierarchy with recommendations and an action plan on the flaws to be corrected, prioritized according to their criticality.  

Governance and processes to ensure the security of the enterprise and its systems over the medium and long term   

Novelis assists you in setting up the organization and processes necessary to ensure the security of the company and its systems in the medium and long term. The organizational audit is performed in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard. It covers all the chapters of the standard such as: information security policies, information security organization, security related to human resources, access control, cryptography, physical and environmental security, security related to operations, communications security, acquisition, development and maintenance of information systems, management of incidents related to information security, aspects of information security in business continuity management, compliance. 

Training: Your employees can become your first line of defense against cyber attacks 

The human being is the weakest link in the security chain. Faced with phishing attacks, for example, it is extremely important to make users aware of the dangers of communicating sensitive data.   

Novelis offers its clients the design and implementation of targeted training and awareness campaigns to protect you from cyber attacks. 

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Thierry Da Silva

Digital Factory & Innovation Director - APICIL épargne

By our side for the past 4 years, Novelis' teams have contributed to our success by supporting us in our digital transformation. We rely on their high level of technology to maintain our -test-

Ahmed Agarbi

Assistant to the Head of Finance IS Project Management - CNRS

Novelis provided its high level of expertise in AI and automation and thereby contributed to the dematerialization of the CNRS financial processes.

Jean-luc Stephan

IT project manager - IRSN

Novelis supported IRSN in an efficient and professional manner in the deployment of a Flexicapture solution and the definition of recognition models for long and complex documents.

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