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Our Solutions

Since the creation of our R&D Laboratory, our work has been recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which acknowledged our investments and progress by granting us the Young Innovative Company Label.

Our Solutions

ESummarize: Use generative AI algorithms to summarize and extract key information from your documents

ESummarize: the generative artificial intelligence engine to produce accurate, concise summaries of your texts and documents. Our engine is designed to help you save valuable time by obtaining key information from your documents while complying with the RGPD. Thanks to our advanced natural language processing technology, you can rely on ESummarize to deliver accurate, consistent summaries that faithfully reflect the original content of your documents.

EShadow: Protect your data with the most advanced document pseudonymization and anonymization solution

EShadow: a state-of-the-art solution for document pseudonymization and anonymization, designed to help companies effectively protect their sensitive information. By pseudonymizing and anonymizing your documents, we ensure that sensitive information remains inaccessible, reducing the risk of data exposure and protecting your business from potential data breaches. You remain compliant with RGPD requirements.

OWD: Save time and effort by using AI to detect scenes involving keywords or objects in a video

A solution to detect words and objects in a video thanks to AI, NLP, Machine vision and other technologies. Object Word Detection (OWD) will list all instances where words are spoken and indicate the appearance of specific objects (such as persons, cars, lamps, etc.) in the video, along with their corresponding sequences.

AIDA: Automatically generate an application from specifications written in natural language

The AIDA development assistant solution uses cutting-edge advances in natural language processing to help companies speed up their development process and optimize the overall project flow.

Our current research topics

Generative AI

Recent advances in the field of generative artificial intelligence are opening up exciting new prospects for businesses. These technologies now make it possible to create visual, textual and multimedia content of surprising quality and authenticity.

Thanks to this technology, companies can go beyond traditional automation by generating original content and solving complex problems autonomously.

Novelis is actively exploring the applications of GenAI in various fields, offering companies in particular the possibility of streamlining their business processes, increasing operational efficiency, reducing costs and remaining competitive in an ever-changing market.

In this way, GenAI paves the way for new forms of automation, propelling companies towards a future where creativity and efficiency harmonize.


IRIS represents a major advance in automation, leveraging generative AI to intelligently create and execute customized workflows.

Thanks to its continuous adaptation based on real-time data, IRIS continuously optimizes processes, identifying and overcoming potential obstacles through your intervention. With IRIS, you can significantly reduce your development times, extend automation to previously neglected and complex processes, while making substantial savings on the costs associated with business analysis and RPA development.

What's more, by focusing on low/no code solutions specifically designed for the business, IRIS democratizes automation within your company, making it accessible to all stakeholders.