our values

The values that drive Novelis, the human values around which we all gather

Mehdi Nafe


Novelis' First Founding Value 

The Collective is the first founding value of Novelis and the cement that has allowed us to grow, even in times of crisis. This culture of sharing and mutual aid drives our collaborators on a daily basis.  

In many organizations, the competition between collective and individual issues is a serious impediment to the development, growth and blossoming of new ideas. This is a 'human' and short-termist reaction. However, the success of collective issues is the best way to reach and surpass individual issues! 


"Have the audacity to take calculated risks"

The engine that drives us to achieve the best collective performance. The engine that encourages our creativity and initiative and allows us to think outside the box.    

It means developing, imagining and implementing unusual solutions to achieve a goal or fulfill an ambition. It is an approach that is sometimes risky, that accepts failure as a possibility or an opportunity and not a fate, and that sees in it the bits and pieces of success to come! 


Inscribed in the DNA of Novelis 

We are constantly looking for new ideas, experimenting with the latest innovative technologies to meet the needs and challenges of our clients.  

To be in a real innovation process is not an easy way and requires an intellectual discipline at all times and a permanent questioning. 

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To have an irreproachable quality of service   

Perfection is not a detail. For us, excellence translates into the desire to provide the best possible service to our clients. But above all, it translates into high standards for ourselves.    

Excellence starts with a strong sense of service, a flawless involvement in the execution of our tasks, but also a constant attention to detail: taking care of our interventions from beginning to end, whether it is on the substance or on the form. The quest for excellence also requires humility and a permanent capacity to question ourselves, to learn from our mistakes and from others, in a continuous improvement process. 


Key to the success of an entire team  

It may seem like a given, but being transparent is not something you can improvise. At Novelis, transparency is evident in our daily work, in the way we communicate and share information.   


Agility as a methodology but above all as a work philosophy  

As a work philosophy, agility resonates within us by valuing the work of each person in a common goal. It is also a performance lever thanks to the investment of each of our collaborators and by the methods it induces.    

The execution of projects today has changed a lot. We are often faced with smaller projects but with a shorter Time to Market and a need that is constantly changing. Agility is therefore an obvious way to address these projects in the most efficient way for our clients.