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Our expertise is based on the work of our internal research laboratory, created jointly with the Ecole Polytechnique, in which a dozen researchers and doctors work daily on fundamental and experimental research on AI and NLP.

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline that brings together theories, sciences and techniques (mathematics, computer science, statistics…) that aim to imitate, extend and increase human intelligence thanks to the machine. Although this discipline has been the subject of fundamental research for many years within the scientific community, its integration into the digital strategies of companies remains relatively recent and its potential has not yet been fully exploited. 

Your challenges 

The AI market is booming and many organizations see it as a driver of innovation. However, many organizations are still struggling to extract value from their projects and many questions remain: Where is the state of the art in AI? How to fully exploit the potential of AI? How do we move from PoC status to deployment at scale? Which AI sub-domains should be explored first to gain performance? 

Our value proposition 

As a pioneer in AI, Novelis helps you create value and generate ROI with Artificial Intelligence: 

Our AI experts and doctors are thus able to intervene in many fields of Artificial Intelligence: 

Machine Learning to enable systems to improve their capabilities through experience. This technique is notably used in one of the software solutions, Novy POM, for the intelligent processing of invoices and purchase orders.

NLP (Natural Language Processing) or TAL (Traitement Automatique du Langage) in French to give machines the ability to understand and process human language. This is what allows conversational agents to function today.  AI, and especially NLP (Natural Language Processing) or NLU (Natural Language Understanding), allows to create conversations between man and machine. More precisely, NLU allows to analyze a sentence and to extract its meaning (the intention) and eventually its variables (the entities).   

Speech (or speech processing) to convert audio content into text (Speech-to-Text) or to read texts aloud via a machine (Text-to-Speech). This is the technique used by Voicebot, robots capable of conversing with a person by voice in natural language. Unlike Chatbots, which are able to communicate in writing

Computer Vision and Machine Vision to give machines the ability to “see” and “understand” images or videos. This technology is used in particular for optical character recognition (OCR), which is very effective for automating financial processes (invoice reading). 

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Thierry Da Silva

Digital Factory & Innovation Director - APICIL épargne

By our side for the past 4 years, Novelis' teams have contributed to our success by supporting us in our digital transformation. We rely on their high level of technology to maintain our -test-

Ahmed Agarbi

Assistant to the Head of Finance IS Project Management - CNRS

Novelis provided its high level of expertise in AI and automation and thereby contributed to the dematerialization of the CNRS financial processes.

Jean-luc Stephan

IT project manager - IRSN

Novelis supported IRSN in an efficient and professional manner in the deployment of a Flexicapture solution and the definition of recognition models for long and complex documents.

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