Our ambition: Surpassing the state of the art in AI and NLP

We invest more than 25% of our revenue in research

At Novelis, we are committed to using new technologies as tools to better serve our clients' business challenges and thus better support them in their transformation.

To meet these needs, we have set up an ambitious laboratory in terms of research and development with substantial investments: we invest more than 25% of our turnover in research.
This R&D laboratory is housed at the École Polytechnique and benefits from the school's scientific ecosystem. A dozen PhD researchers work there on a daily basis on fundamental and experimental research on AI: machine learning, image processing and NLP.

El Hassane Ettifouri

Partner & Director of Innovation

We wish to have a foothold in the future and participate in the building of this future by investing in scientific research and the development of tomorrow's technologies. Innovation is an integral part of Novelis' DNA.

Scientific publications

GPT-3.5 vs GPT-4: Evaluating ChatGPT's Reasoning Performance in Zero-shot Learning

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A comprehensive review of State-of-The-Art methods for Java code generation from Natural Language Text

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JaCoText: A Pretrained Model for Java Code-Text Generation

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SQL Generation from Natural Language: A Seq2Seq Model – Transformers Architecture

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Our visions

Our vision on AI

In the years to come, even if we are already starting to feel it, Artificial Intelligence will occupy a predominant place in the digital space of organizations. Knowledge and mastery of AI, the ability to deploy projects and solutions around AI and to be able to meet the needs of business challenges, are skills that require a lot of time to acquire and master: this is the work we have been doing since our creation.

Our vision on Smart Automation

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – is “the set of tools and techniques for automating business processes” : Novelis is a leader in the field of RPA and we implement Smart Automation within the company.

Our vision on AI and software engineering

In our daily life, AI is present in many fields, from medicine to automotive and industry… AI itself is a very vast field gathering several subfields. In recent years we have seen great advances in AI and software engineering : We want to advance the science of artificial developers.

AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Development Assistant)

Our teams have set up a research program called "SmartProgramming" to design and implement artificial developers. The goal is to simplify IT development, overcome technological limitations and constraints, and eliminate repetitive work.

OWD (Object Word Detection)

A solution to detect words and objects in a video (NLP, Machine Learning, Speech Analytics, Machine vision,...). It also allows to list all the moments (in sequence / second) where words are quoted and to indicate when a specific object appears in a video (car, lamp, etc.) or all the sequences where the object in question appears.