Our vision on Smart Automation

Through our expertise in Smart Automation, we support companies of all sizes and in all sectors of activity to offer them solutions adapted in terms of cost and technical solution.

Today, many companies do not have the opportunity to exploit Smart Automation. Either because they don’t have enough knowledge on the subject, or because they haven’t yet taken the plunge, tested or realized a PoC.   

Large companies have a much greater opportunity to leverage this technology than smaller companies and this is not only due to their size but also to the urgent need for these entities to manage large volumes of documents, data and employees. It can be very difficult to manage everything manually and in this case Smart Automation becomes a real necessity. Whereas in the case of smaller organizations, the point is not blocking and they are not aware of the business value that it can bring them.   

Smart Automation or IPA (Intelligence Process Automation) represents RPA technology enriched by the powers of AI. Smart Automation = RPA + AI 

RPA – Robotic Process Automation – is “the set of tools and techniques for automating business processes”. It is a software robot capable of processing tasks by respecting the business rules implemented in these tasks.   

Novelis is a leader in the field of RPA. In this regard, we have : 

Novelis is not just an integrator of RPA solutions, we are a partner that really impacts the functionality of the different vendors.    

Our teams have mastered all aspects of AI and have all the necessary skills to increase and enrich the automation of processes in traditional RPA with AI. 

We are implementing Smart Automation within the company: 

Some of our clients’ application cases: 

In our R&D Lab, we are working on experiments on the classification of emails by category, which is very useful for a company that receives a lot of emails and then has to distribute them to the different departments, for example. 

To measure the operational impact of Smart Automation within companies, several cases are possible : First of all, for companies that do not have such solutions and that opt for in-house development of automation solutions, the loss of time is considerable, which increases the time to market and costs. Often these companies do not have the knowledge of the power of these technologies and how to use them to optimize their processes and improve the quality of their service.   

Then there is the case of companies that only use classic RPA to automate repetitive tasks based on clear and comprehensive business rules. They miss out on the automation of all tasks requiring human intelligence and use only a tiny fraction of the power of automation.   

And finally, companies that use Smart Automation, i.e. RPA combined with AI. They will be able to maximize their business process automation opportunities and thus benefit from all the advantages of Smart Automation: 

Novelis Research Lab

At Novelis, we are committed to using new technologies as tools to better serve our clients’ business challenges and thus better support them in their transformation.

To meet these needs, we have set up an ambitious laboratory in terms of research and development with substantial investments: we invest more than a quarter of our turnover in research.
This R&D laboratory is housed at the École Polytechnique and benefits from the school’s scientific ecosystem. A dozen PhD researchers work there on a daily basis on fundamental and experimental research on AI: machine learning, image processing and NLP.

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