Cognitive automation through IDP and AI to expand the scope of automatable processes

We help you digitize your documents and unstructured data with IDP and NLP, coupled with RPA.

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We support you in managing structured and unstructured data. The latter, whether scanned or digitized documents such as invoices, purchase orders, contracts or official documents, very often require numerous human actions before being processed in the company’s or public service’s information system. 

Your challenges

Beyond being an ecological and economical issue, the digitization of your documents is a simple way to make exchanges more fluid and is part of your digital transformation process. You need a simple and quick solution to transform your structured and unstructured data into usable data without losing time.     

Our value proposition

With our partner ABBYY, world leader in IDP (Intelligent Document Processing), we enable you to scan, read, extract, categorize organize information from all your documents in your company’s various applications.

Through our expertise in NLP (Natural Language Processing), we go further in your dematerialization project by integrating a “semantic” layer to save time and increase reactivity in processing your unstructured data.  

Your document dematerialization and IDP projects can therefore be paired by our teams of experts with Robotisation of processes (RPA) solutions, chatbots or voicebots to improve your performance, the satisfaction of your employees and the customer experience. 

We support you in all phases of your business process automation projects involving the integration of unstructured data:   


By our side for the past 4 years, Novelis' teams have contributed to our success by supporting us in our digital transformation. We rely on their high level of technology to maintain our -test-

Stanislas Perlinski

Head of IT department - Centre de gestion de la Sarthe

Management center of the Sarthe region called upon Novelis for a technical and organizational audit of the Information System Security. They proposed us a clear, relevant and rigorous analysis scenario. Their work allowed us to highlight weaknesses in our system that could have been damaging if they had been exploited by a malicious user. The clear and detailed reports allowed us to correct the weaknesses identified as quickly as possible, and gave us tools and guidelines to improve our security practices and procedures in the long term.

Akshay Bissoon

IT Executive, CIO | CISO - Lussier

As part of our business process industrialization and automation agenda, we partnered with Novelis to set up SS&C’s Blue Prism. Our AWS ecosystem was a key accelerator in the  deployment of the RPA solution. AWS was our chosen cloud platform given its security protocols and scalability features. Blue Prism integration on AWS was a seamless experience. The endeavour, proven to be very successful, as we automated financial business processes within a few weeks. Our RPA journey with Novelis is just starting as we leverage the current foundation, add more use cases and improve our digital operations.

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