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Novelis supports you in the success of your digital projects

Monitoring and management of projects from the collection of user needs to the production launch. Our experts Project Directors, Product Owners, Scrum Masters or Project Managers will support you in the complete management of your projects.

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Agile methods are now applied in almost all IT projects in industry and services. Their strengths? It is based on the reality of the difficulties and the levers of success of the projects, and on the golden rule of producing value for the customer. For Novelis, agility is above all this: only do what is useful and efficient. And sharing with the client all the project information: successes but also difficulties, possible delays, disappointments, in order to address them as soon as possible. 

Novelis provides its clients with adaptable and agile production structures, capable of implementing and maintaining digital projects according to different commitment modes (scope, means, capacity commitment). Our consultants, Project Managers, Product Owners or Scrum Masters, will support you in your projects with agility. 

Your challenges 

Users are more and more demanding on the evolutions, the quality and the deadlines brought to the IT projects. They also demand a high level of agility from project management teams. Responsible for the entire project cycle, the Project Management will have a direct impact on the respect of deadlines, the cost and especially the relevance of the tool that will be deployed. The challenges in this regard are numerous: 

Inflation of development costs 

Efficiency problems of the project team 

Inadequacy of the real needs of the users 

The risk of project failure 

Our offer  

We support our clients in the management and implementation of projects: from the collection of user needs to the final production and change management.  

We also provide our clients with specific tools and methodologies to ensure a quality project, delivered on budget and on time: 

Our offer is available on a fixed price basis and on a contract basis in order to meet your needs in the most relevant way. 

Novelis is an expert in the management of agile projects with a highly iterative approach: 

We can no longer count the good practices that come from agile approaches: the daily meeting, planning poker, test-driven development (TDD), continuous integration, simple architecture, etc.

Agility, but for what results? The experience at Novelis is significant: involved users, reduced time to market and serene development teams due to the fact that success becomes the norm and not the happy exception. 

Of course, agility in itself is not an infallible guarantee of success. To run a good agile project, you have to be a good agilist. And that’s where Novelis’ experience comes in. Because there is agility in the books and agility in the field. At Novelis, agile is practical, without ever betraying its core values. Our extensive knowledge of agile and related methods (SCRUM, XP, UP, LEAN, KANBAN) allows Novelis teams to propose and adjust the most suitable method to the project environment and to the company organization. 


Akshay Bissoon

IT Executive, CIO | CISO - Lussier

As part of our business process industrialization and automation agenda, we partnered with Novelis to set up SS&C’s Blue Prism. Our AWS ecosystem was a key accelerator in the  deployment of the RPA solution. AWS was our chosen cloud platform given its security protocols and scalability features. Blue Prism integration on AWS was a seamless experience. The endeavour, proven to be very successful, as we automated financial business processes within a few weeks. Our RPA journey with Novelis is just starting as we leverage the current foundation, add more use cases and improve our digital operations.

Stanislas Perlinski

Head of IT department - Centre de gestion de la Sarthe

Management center of the Sarthe region called upon Novelis for a technical and organizational audit of the Information System Security. They proposed us a clear, relevant and rigorous analysis scenario. Their work allowed us to highlight weaknesses in our system that could have been damaging if they had been exploited by a malicious user. The clear and detailed reports allowed us to correct the weaknesses identified as quickly as possible, and gave us tools and guidelines to improve our security practices and procedures in the long term.

Eric Esnault

CEO - Contaxium

Contaxium wants to use technology not just as a means, but as a differentiating element that accelerates business. The choice of a player capable of supporting us in this area was therefore strategic, and working with Novelis was an obvious choice. Novelis is a global technology player with a high level of expertise, capable of proposing solutions tailored to our needs, which has helped us with a wide range of specific issues (cybersecurity, process automation, etc.). The teams are responsive and competent, which confirms my decision choosen for Contaxium. Above all, Novelis is a company that shares the same spirit, human values and taste for a job well done. 

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