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Urbanization of the litigation information system

To enable its information system to evolve in an iterative way while managing the integration of the aging and heterogeneous applications of the litigation domain, the French Conseil d'Etat called upon Novelis.

The client's challenges and objectives

The French Conseil d’Etat has three main missions: to advise the public authorities (government, National Assembly and Senate) in the development of the law, to judge the administration and to manage my administrative jurisdictions.    

The French Conseil d’Etat inherited a legacy IS composed of a panel of siloed applications, which made maintenance and evolution of the system very complicated. The IT department was also experiencing major performance problems and could no longer manage the skills needed to ensure the system’s maintainability. The strong technical constraints imposed by its IS were also impacting the user experience. 

Within the framework of a large-scale IS urbanization project, the French Conseil d’Etat called upon Novelis to support them in their digital modernization.   

The main objective? To restructure and urbanize the litigation IS by ensuring a coherent and secure transition between the existing applications and the new functionalities to be developed, towards a modern technical architecture based on APIs and microservices. 

Our achievements

To carry out the project, we relied on innovative architectures based on microservices. We were thus able to establish a new, modernized urbanization plan and propose a multi-year transformation trajectory. We also supported the French Conseil d’Etat on the technical side on : 


Following our support, here are the results observed by the State Council: 

  • A controlled and accelerated transformation to the new IS  
  • Reconciliation of the long-term IT vision with the agility processes  
  • A flexible architecture based on micro-services and an opening of the IS to partners and other ministries through API management    
  • An approach focused on achieving optimal maintainability through preventive actions 
+15 micro-services are being deployed   
+12,000 man-days of work on the new IS 

Novelis' added value

Our expertise in IT architecture

Thanks to the expertise of our IT architects, and expert engineers on API, fontend and backend development, we are able to propose the most efficient technical and functional architectures to our customers for their urbanization projects.  

We take into account their environment, legacy, roadmap, security and regulatory constraints to offer you the best approach, while respecting the business, budget and skills.   

By linking these elements with a mastery of all available and proven technologies, we help our customers to urbanize their IS and to design their architecture, make it evolve and maintain it. 

We even go beyond the architecture by doing the implementation and set up. 

Emmanuel Quéré

Head of New Projects Office

Novelis was able to bring its expertise to support the Council of State’s IT department in the urbanization and transformation study of the litigation information system. This is a modernization of the information system which also led to the technical design and operational implementation of a new innovative architecture based on micro-services. Today, this support continues and is part of a global program to progressively overhaul the applications in the litigation area. The transition takes into account business, technical and security constraints.