International Conference on Code Generation and Implementation

Oct 27 , 2022

During the " International Conference on Code Generation and Implementation ", the team of PhDs from our internal research laboratory presented the results of their work on a new approach to generate Java code from descriptions written in natural language.   

This international research conference aims to bring together academic scientists, researchers and leading academics to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of code generation and implementation.  

It also helps to create an interdisciplinary platform for researchers and practitioners to discuss innovations, trends and solutions in the fields of code generation and implementation. 

Our PhD team composed of Jessica Lopez Espejel, Mahaman Sanoussi Yahaya Alassan, Walid Dahhane, El Hassane Ettifouri contributed to the conference by submitting the results of their research.   

In particular, Jessica Lopez Espejel, PhD Research and Development Engineer in Novelis' R&D Lab, presented our new approach to generate Java code from descriptions written in natural language. This is also the approach we showcased at the international CodeXGLUE challenge organized by Microsoft on Java code generation from natural language for which we were ranked 1st.  

In this conference we intoduced JaCoText, a model based on the neural network Transformer. It aims at generating Java source code from natural language texts. JaCoText exploits the advantages of both code generation and natural language models. Specifically, we study some of the state-of-the-art results and use them to (1) initialize our model from powerful pre-trained models, (2) explore additional pre-training on our java dataset, (3) conduct experiments combining unimodal and bimodal data in training, and (4) scale the length of the input and output during model fine-tuning. Experiments conducted on the CONCODE dataset show that JaCoText achieves new state-of-the-art results. 

Watch the replay of our presentation.  

Jessica Lopez Espejel was proud to receive the "Best Presentation Award" from the program committee in accordance with the conference awards program. 

Oct 27 , 2022

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