AIDA: Automatically generate an application from specifications written in natural language


Nov 25 , 2020 read

What if 60% of your IT projects were automatically generated thanks to Artificial Intelligence? AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Development Assistant) represents the first squad of intelligent agents to support developers in their daily work. 

The AIDA development assistant solution uses cutting-edge advances in natural language processing to help companies speed up their development process and optimize the overall project flow.

The creation of an application or software program to meet a user need is a project that requires several stages and steps to be followed:

  1. Requirement definition meetings,
  2. Functional and technical design,
  3. Implementation of the technical architecture,
  4. Application development,
  5. Code and architecture reviews,
  6. Testing and validation,
  7. Stabilization: correction of technical and functional anomalies.

The project requires the involvement of several profiles (project manager, technical experts, architects, developers, and test and validation teams). In the case of large-scale projects, this implies a significant cost.

Several solutions and approaches attempt to reduce this cost by generating the application directly from its specifications. Currently, no AI-powered assistant, not even ChatGPT, can create applications that fully consider all user requirements - both technical and functional. This problem is linked to the automation of understanding decision-making needs in terms of architectural choices and algorithmic proposals transformed into machine-understandable code.

If we take the example of ChatGPT, unlike this tool, AIDA respects your regulatory compliance and enables you to stay in line with the GDPR. Also, the application created will remain your property and not that of the tool used.

AIDA: low-code solution based on symbolic and connectionist AI methods

AIDA aims to transform the application development process radically. How does it do this? By automatically generating an application's source code from its specifications and descriptions written in natural languages (including drawings) while considering the application's specific context and field of activity.

With AIDA, we enable you to unleash your creative potential by simplifying and accelerating the development process. By automating source code generation, we allow you to concentrate on what's essential: realizing your vision.

How does it work?

Import specifications in docx format: Your specifications become the foundation of your new application. It contains natural language descriptions, business rules, and hand-drawn captures of your future application.

Transformation of specifications: AIDA uses AI to transform your specifications into a structured set of information. You benefit from a high-level graphical representation that makes it easy to understand the various components of your application and their links. What's more, AIDA goes a step further by automatically extracting the necessary information from the database, including the types, attributes, and constraints of your application's elements. This approach guarantees optimum consistency and accuracy throughout the development process.

Adaptation to specific needs: AIDA emphasizes customization to meet your unique requirements. You can choose the technologies you prefer to generate the code for your application, including popular frameworks such as React.js for the front-end. What's more, AIDA offers you a variety of aesthetically pleasing, customizable themes to give your application a look and feel that accurately reflects your brand and vision. With AIDA, we ensure that every detail of your application meets your expectations and sets you apart from the competition.

Application generation and deployment: We've made the application generation and deployment process as smooth and transparent as possible. Once you've imported your specifications and customized the parameters according to your preferences, AIDA springs into action to automatically generate the code for your application. You can follow every step throughout the process thanks to our real-time tracking system. When generation is complete, you receive a direct link to your new application, ready to be used and shared with your users.

Why is AIDA your best choice?

  • Save time and increase efficiency: AIDA considerably reduces application development time by automating source code generation. You transform your specifications into a functional application. This allows you to concentrate more on other strategic aspects of your business.
  • Customization to suit your needs: AIDA focuses on customizing your specific needs. You have total control over the technologies used and can select from various themes to customize your application's look and feel.
  • Understanding and visualization: AIDA uses artificial intelligence to transform your specifications into a high-level graphical representation, making it easy to understand your application's elements and their relationships. You can visualize the various components clearly and precisely, enabling you to make informed decisions throughout the development process.
  • AI-based technological advances: AIDA integrates symbolic and connectionist artificial intelligence approaches to solve critical technology and science challenges related to application development. Using the latest advances in artificial intelligence, including large language models (LLMs) and transformer-based architectures, AIDA is able to understand and interpret natural language. This competence enables us to generate tailor-made algorithms to meet the specific needs of each company. Using LLMs and transformers has proven its effectiveness in generating computer code adapted to various applications. These models considerably speed up the development process, reducing the time programmers spend manually programming each line of code while reducing errors and improving the overall application quality.
  • Real-time monitoring and simplified deployment: AIDA offers you a comprehensive dashboard where you can track the progress of your project in real-time and manage the various stages of the development process. Once code generation is complete, AIDA facilitates deployment by providing a direct link to your application.

Benefit from a complete solution that combines speed, customization, a clear understanding of specifications, technological advances, and ease of deployment.

International recognition

With the AIDA solution, the Novelis R&D laboratory team won first place in the international CodeXGLUE challenge on generating Java code from natural language: CodeXGLUE (General Language Understanding Evaluation benchmark for CODE), organized by Microsoft, brings together major companies such as IBM and Microsoft, and leading universities such as Case Western Reserve University, UCLA/Columbia University, and INESC-ID/Carnegie Mellon University.

The AIDA solution ranked 2nd in the SPIDER international NLP research challenge: The Spider challenge, piloted by Yale University, brings together a large-scale set of complex, cross-domain semantic data and SQL queries. Spider aims to transform natural English text into executable SQL queries. The challenge consists of 10,181 questions and 5,693 unique complex SQL queries on 200 databases with multiple tables covering 138 different domains.

Would you like to find out more about our solution? We're here to answer all your questions and schedule a personalized demonstration. Don't hesitate to contact us: our team of experts is ready to help you with your automated application development needs.

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