Automation of financial processes

[USE CASES] RPA: Tasks with high automation potential in finance

The digital revolution is changing the face of the financial sector, regardless of the business line: treasury, management control, accounting, finance management, etc. Transforming to innovate is becoming an obligation for these players, who must be ever faster, more reliable and more efficient in the execution of processes. Automation is the answer to these challenges and has become a strategic priority for finance departments in order to increase productivity, reduce costs and accelerate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Easy to implement, a process automation project generally has an ROI of less than 12 months. Sometimes less than 2 months!

Intelligent automation therefore offers both financial and qualitative benefits and can be applied to a wide range of processes with high automation potential.

Here are some examples:

  • Data capture and cleansing supports automated generation of regulatory reports
  • Automating the preparation of data collection review slides for multiple financial systems and reports
  • Automation of approval workflow and payment processing
  • Automate standard expense processing and approval based on predefined rules

Discover examples of tasks with high automation potential in finance by downloading these RPA Use Cases applied to this sector.

Novelis meets the finance and insurance industry at Tekplace

A leading event for insurance and finance players committed to the digital transformation of their sector. Tekplace is the marketplace for insurance and finance technologies since 10 years.

Originally dedicated only to insurers, the show has evolved this year to open up to the world of finance: thus allowing participating companies to propose their technological and digital solutions adapted to the leaders of both sectors.

Tekplace is 600 decision makers, buyers and users of IT and digital solutions and more than 20 exhibiting companies who will meet during a day punctuated by 4 major themes:

  • Cybersecurity: an important issue that impacts both sectors
  • Regtech : a contractionof words “regulation” and “technology” referring to new technologies used to facilitate the application of financial regulation
  • L’ESG (Environment, Social, Gouvernance) : sustainable and impact investing
  • Customer experience, customer satisfaction, data management and operational efficiency

The Novelis team will be present at the startup village and will be ready to meet all the decision-makers of companies in the insurance and finance sectors ready to take the step of digital transition. With our expertise in cybersecurity, automation and customer relationship, we will be able to offer you solutions adapted to your business needs.

We work daily on new innovations and on the most advanced technologies through our internal research laboratory. We put our technological expertise at the service of our customers’ and partners’ business challenges and operational efficiency to solve all their problems.

For us, innovation is the engine of performance.

Discover examples of tasks with high automation potential in insurance by downloading RPA Use Cases applied to this sector.