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Automation of financial processes

This player in scientific research, through the Accounts and Financial Information Department, wanted to test an RPA automation solution in real conditions in order to measure the impact on the financial processes attached to the Accounts Department.

The client's challenges and objectives

This scientific research company was wondering about the relevance of integrating RPA into its digital strategy because it did not master all aspects of it but was aware that it could have a positive impact on the daily life of its employees, particularly in the management of financial processes.   

The real challenge was to evaluate the relevance of the automation approach for them and to define a prioritized roadmap. 

Our achievements

We accompanied our client throughout its automation process: from understanding and analyzing the processes with automation potential to implementing a concrete automation solution.   

The 3 main axes:   

1) The first one being the evaluation of the relevance of the automation approach in the Finance domain. This evaluation phase proved to be relevant. 

2) The second was the identification of automation opportunities among the financial processes identified within the Accounts Department and the qualification of the processes.   

Since this was an RPA experimentation project, we had to set up RPA discovery workshops of about 2 hours with the teams of the Expenses and Accounting divisions, to explain the subject and to allow us to better understand the internal processes and to identify the list of possible processes to automate.   

This phase of analysis, prioritization and pre-qualification of processes was necessary to eliminate two candidate processes for automation because their impact and ROI were insufficient to justify the launch of an RPA project.

3) This leads us to the last axis: the implementation of automation via an RPA technology in the environment of the Accounts Department. 

In the end, only 1 process was selected: an internal billing process. 

The solution? Our process assessment module, offered in SmartRoby, to evaluate the relevance of automating the identified processes. 


A complete functional and technical analysis of the processes was carried out within the Accounts Department, particularly in the Accounting and Expense divisions. 

An automation roadmap for the participating business units was also established. 

Novelis' added value

Our expertise in Smart Automation

Through our expertise in RPA, AI, NLP and OCR, we are able to help our clients to deliver efficient automation projects: Smart Automation.    

This means taking into account a general vision of the technology and its contributions in order to deliver a relevant solution to manage both structured and unstructured data, always with the concern of being aligned with the IT roadmap and impacting the economic performance (ROI). 

In addition to our software robots, we also add a particular expertise in the “process mining” or “process assessment” dimension in order to allow the rapid identification of processes and tasks to be automated in priority.   

Our Business Analysts complete this system in the capacity to propose a high vision of the potential of the technology, the investments to be made, the architectures to be deployed and of course the expected ROI.