[White paper] How automation can help you overcome customer relationship challenges

Consumer expectations have changed and customer experience has become a major differentiator, especially since its quality is increasingly measurable and comparable. A better quality of service will require a better knowledge of the customer to personalize interactions and ensure a flawless response. Excellence is now expected at every stage of the customer journey and organizations will have to work hard to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty. Many of them have therefore turned to automation as a lever for efficiency and differentiation to accelerate their customer relationship management processes.

Novelis offers you to discover the benefits in its white paper “How automation can help you overcome customer relationship challenges” divided in three parts:

Feedback from our customer Contaxium: Smart Automation for Agent Efficiency in Call Centers

We will come back to the case of one of our customers, Contaxium, a specialist in outsourced and customized telephone answering services, which decided to automate and digitalize its business processes.

Eric Esnault – CEO of Contaxium will explain how Contaxium has relied on Smart Automation to improve its customer relationship management during an interview shared with Dominique Duquennoy – Director Customer Success Manager of SS&C Blue Prism and Mehdi Nafe – CEO of Novelis.

Tasks with high automation potential in customer relations

Customer relationship automation has become strategic and can be applied to a wide range of processes in customer relationship management. In this white paper, discover examples of tasks with high automation potential in this domain and get inspired to define eligible business cases within your organization.

7 key steps to a successful automation project

Automation is implemented at the enterprise level to better support digital transformation. To offer you all the keys to success in your automation process, we suggest you follow 7 essential steps to successfully complete your project. These seven interconnected factors will enable your automation program to meet the objectives you have set.

Evaluating your processes is essential when you want to start such a process because it will allow you to measure the impact of the profitability of the automation process. To help you in this first step, we offer you a free analysis to qualify the automation potential of your process with one of our business analysts! Following the meeting, you will leave with a macro calculation as well as a detailed analysis to evaluate the risks, optimize the management of your resources and seize the best opportunities.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

Conference at Supinfo – “Can software engineering be automated? Low code, No code and Artificial Intelligence”.

It is within the framework of its annual conference cycle that we will visit the premises of the school Supinfo Paris to present the subject of our professional conference.

On November 09 at 5:10 pm, El Hassane Ettifouri – Doctor in AI & Software Engineering and Sanoussi Alassan – Data Scientist at Novelis will present to the students on one of our favorite topics – automation – by answering the following question: can software engineering be automated?
They will also address the topics of Low Code, No Code and Artificial Intelligence.

Smart Automation represents RPA technology enriched by the power of AI. Smart Automation = RPA + AI

On the conference agenda:
➡️The Low / No code revolution
➡️A path to artificial developers
➡️The AIDA artificial developer

[Webinar] Cybersecurity: how to gain efficiency through automation?

Against the backdrop of the economic slowdown, cybersecurity is on the rise! Gartner forecasts an increase in cybersecurity spending of 11.3% in 2023 (vs. an increase of 7.2% in 2022). It must be said that the pace of cyber attacks has never been more intense (+400% since the beginning of the health crisis) and in France, more than one out of two companies reported having suffered between 1 and 3 successful cyber attacks with repercussions for the victims during 2021 (CESIN-OpinionWay survey). The impact and virulence of attacks are constantly increasing and all companies, from the very small to the multinational, have had to massively review their security systems.

While organizations no longer need to be convinced of the need to invest in protecting themselves against cyber risks, many of them are faced with a shortage of expert resources in the field to take charge of these issues. Faced with this situation, one of the major challenges for CISOs is to make their teams more efficient and effective or to find “how to do more and better with less”.

During its next webinar dedicated to cyber, Novelis invites you to discover how automation can become an essential operational efficiency lever for your cyber teams. Join us on November 3rd at 11:30am.

The daily life of cyber teams is full of tasks with high potential for automation, predictable, processable and repeatable, such as simple configuration changes, software installations or updates, service restarts, log management, penetration tests…

Automating cyber processes allows organizations to increase reliability and security:

  • Minimize the biggest vulnerability in cybersecurity: human error by ending manual, repetitive tasks.
  • Reduce time-consuming manual activities for a better use of resources redeployed on higher value-added activities
  • Reduce threat detection and response time with 24/7 monitoring. Improving the security coverage of the infrastructure

In this final webinar of our series on cybersecurity, we will see how to strengthen security and gain efficiency thanks to automation with many detailed use cases in illustration.

This session will be hosted by Oussama Hamdi, Cyber Security Consultant & Auditor at Novelis and Georges Abou Haidar, Solutions Architect and Product Owner of SmartRoby at Novelis.

View the replay of episode 1

View the replay of episode 2

[USE CASES] RPA: tasks with high automation potential to manage customer relationships

Since customer relations have become digital, simplicity, immediacy, mobility and personalization are all needs expressed by customers who expect a 100% digital experience. Today’s consumer is ultra-connected and ultra-informed: in one click he can access an unlimited source of information and give his opinion.

Competition is increasingly fierce between customer relationship players who must redouble their efforts to innovate and satisfy their customers’ expectations. To differentiate themselves, some are betting on the quality and management of their customer relations and automation can help. According to a survey conducted by Forrester, 45% of customer service organizations surveyed are already automating repeatable tasks for their agents, allowing them to focus on improving the customer experience and satisfaction. The automation of the customer relationship does not replace the human relationship, but rather promotes a more personalized relationship with customers thanks to a better knowledge of them and their specific needs. 

In order to adapt to the new market constraints and to optimize the company’s development, customer relationship automation has become a necessity. Intelligent automation can be applied to a wide range of processes with high automation potential in customer relations and sales communication: it makes it easier to find prospects, ensure their conversion and build loyalty. 

The automation of the customer relationship does not replace the human relationship, but rather promotes a more personalized relationship with customers thanks to a better knowledge of them and their specific needs. 

Here are some examples:

  • Assistance to the advisor in handling complex customer requests (virtual assistant, augmented advisor)
  • Extend the time coverage of the support service
  • Automated update of the customer account (change of address, phone number…)
  • Automation of the pre-qualification of requests by Voicebot

Discover examples of tasks with high automation potential in customer relationship by downloading these RPA Use Cases applied to this business.

[Webinar] Compliance and automation: the winning duo

All companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity, are now concerned by compliance. The regulatory framework aimed at protecting the consumer and reducing the risks for organizations is extremely fluid and the multiplication of standards has a strong impact on organizations that must comply within a given timeframe.  

Faced with the risk of sanctions and controls by regulators, companies are gradually transforming themselves and are increasingly turning to innovative digital solutions to gain in efficiency and traceability. This issue is particularly strategic in bancassurance, where regulations are increasingly numerous and complex and require organizations to be able to adapt quickly, both from an organizational and technical point of view. The latter are therefore increasingly turning to intelligent automation to gain productivity and reliability in terms of compliance. 

During this webinar, discover how to accelerate and make your compliance strategy more reliable with automation.  

This webinar (conference provided in French) will be illustrated by the experience of our client CMB Monaco. Riad Lachelak – Head of Operation and Gilda Corneli – Head of back office Securities of CMB Monaco, will talk about their project to implement an automated process of control and validation of stock exchange orders. They will talk about their challenges as well as the benefits of automation and its ROI. 

Agenda : 

  • Compliance: issues and impacts on the IS 
  • Risks of non-compliance 
  • How to accelerate and make your compliance strategy more reliable with automation 
  • CMB’s feedback on the implementation of an automated control and validation process for stock exchange orders 

[USE CASES] RPA: tasks with high automation potential in insurance and for mutual

Insurance and mutual insurance companies are facing new issues and challenges every day. RPA provides an answer to these challenges, making it a truly essential solution for these insurance and mutual organizations, which have a wide range of processes with high automation potential.

Here are some examples:

  • Automated compliance controls eliminate the risk of errors and violations
  • Automating the underwriting process provides a differentiating customer experience by providing a near real-time response to prospects
  • Process Intelligence allows you to significantly improve internal processes by quickly identifying points and steps for optimization
  • Automating the proposal of new products to customers accelerates Time to Market
  • Automating the monitoring of critical systems for system vulnerabilities helps reduce the impact of cyberattacks

Discover examples of tasks with high automation potential in the insurance and mutual sectors by downloading these RPA Use Cases applied to these sectors.

[Webinar] Organizational Performance Beyond Automation

The world of customer relations is changing rapidly. The way your customers interact with your organization and use your products has changed. To improve your experience and achieve customer satisfaction, the performance of your employees through their engagement and the performance of your processes are key!

NICE and Novelis invite you to discover how your employees and your processes are key to optimizing your operational efficiency and your customer experience.

During this webinar “Organizational Performance, Beyond Automation”, NICE and Novelis expert panel will explain: 

  • How current macro dynamics impact contact centers in terms of customer expectations, work, and management
  • Why your people and processes are key to optimizing your Customer Experience
  • How the power of AI and Analytics can help you win on all fronts: operational efficiency, employee engagement, customer satisfaction

This panel has planned to dissect live an ultra-concrete practical case, from the audit to the implementation on the automation of a call center process in the automotive sector!

Conference at EPITA – Application of AI in software construction

Wednesday, May 11th at 4:30 pm, El Hassane ETTIFOURI, CIO of Novelis, PhD in AI and Software Engineering, expert in automation, will present an online conference (in french) to the students of EPITA Paris, the school of computer engineers.

The conference will focus on the Application of AI in Software Construction.  

Improving the understanding of natural language requirements and enabling the machine to design and develop IT solutions based on natural language descriptions is one of the missions we have set ourselves at Novelis.

On the conference agenda:  

➡️A few words on AI and Software Engineering
➡️The alliance between AI and GL 
➡️Our Deep Transforming approach  
➡️The AIDA Artificial Developer


Since its creation in 1984, EPITA is the first engineering school specialized in computer science in Paris.

It prepares its passionate students for careers in engineering and digital technology to build the world of tomorrow.

Stratégie Clients: the reference exhibition for customer relations

On March 29, 30 & 31, come and hybridize your customer relationship and reimagine the field of possibilities of intelligent automation with Novelis.
This reference event on customer relationship will allow professionals to go further in their reflections and to discover in a concrete way the contribution that automation, AI and RPA can have on a large number of companies.

Novelis will be present to showcase its expertise in customer relationship management.

285 exhibitors – 16,000 visitors – 200 conferences and solution workshops offered by experts

The Stratégie Clients exhibition is 3 intense days to optimize your customer relationship. The crisis of the Covid-19 has severely impacted all sectors of activity and the customer relationship has not been spared, it has been totally transformed: more hybrid, digital and agile.

Customer service has evolved a lot in the last few years. At a distance, the relationship is often governed by algorithms and voicebots and the need for more human relationship is felt.

The customer now wants to benefit from the efficiency and high availability of machines and at the same time from the sensitivity and finer appreciation of their requests by humans. Clearly, today’s customer wants a hybrid relationship to make the most of both worlds.

The customer strategy of companies must evolve at the same pace as the expectations of their customers and we believe that Artificial Intelligence and the automation of processes by robots is the solution.

This exhibition is the ideal moment for all those who wish to discover these new ways to hybridize customer relations, improve their uses, enrich their strategy, exchange with their peers and find innovative solutions.

Novelis expert in customer relations

As a Pure Player in business process efficiency, we use automation as a lever to boost call center productivity and improve the customer experience. 

We support our customers in their intelligent business process automation projects with Smart Automation. We enable companies to transform the experience of their customers and employees. 

To learn more: discover our Business Case Automation at the service of the customer experience

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