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Implementation of a digital strategy to gain in competitiveness

To remain competitive in an ever tense and off-shore context, this French specialist in telephone answering services wishes to bring an additional technological touch to offer a higher quality, more punctual and more efficient service to its customers.

The client's challenges and objectives

The result of a merger between two contact centers, Contaxium is today a specialist in outsourced reception, operational 24/7 for: intervention management, telephone reception, pharmacovigilance, diary management, help desk.  


In a world where outsourcing of customer contact centers has become the keystone of customer relations, mastering technology has become a key competitive advantage. Contaxium, which offers quality service and know-how made in France, has launched a program to digitalize its activity in order to create value and better meet the expectations of its customers and employees. 


The objectives of the call center were multiple:  

Our achievements

In this context, Novelis supported Contaxium in its digitalization and business process automation approach, with the definition of an ambitious roadmap. After a first phase of analysis and establishment of a prioritized roadmap, a first automation project was launched with Blue Prism. 3 priority missions were started in parallel: automation of a first business process (CRM entry) with Blue Prism via the SmartRoby platform, optimization of forecasting/planning operations and audit of the Information System. 

As part of our first mission to automate processes via RPA, we have broken down our roadmap into 4 automation phases with the support of our SmartRoby and Blue Prism solution:  

Phase 1 : Study and documentation   

Phase 2 : Development and parameterization   

Phase 3: Acceptance phase   

Phase 4:    

As part of our second priority mission, we were able to provide Contaxium with a 20-page status report and a 20-page prioritized roadmap with a precise mapping of the information system allowing us to define forecasting and planning needs.    

It is the increase and complexity of the frequency and scale of services offered to its customers that led Contaxium to solicit us for our third mission: to audit the security and consistency of its information system. This resulted in :   


Following our support around the digitalization strategy of our client, here are the results observed: 

  • Reliability of the data entry process  
  • Improvement of the working comfort of the employees   
  • 110 re-entries/day automated  
  • Navigation and re-entries on 20 screens   
  • ROI: 2 FTE   
  • 20 pages of assessment and 20 pages of prioritized roadmap  
  • Precise mapping of the information system 
  • 15 processes studied in 4 business areas (production, accounting, HR, IT) 
  • Review and prioritization of the IT roadmap   
  • Detection of important security flaws that were immediately corrected  
  • Suggested improvements to current security procedures and recommendations for the implementation of missing procedures  
  • Implementation of a 2-year cyber security action and prevention plan 

Novelis' added value

Your Automation Governance Platform: SmartRoby

SmartRoby is a solution developed by Novelis to support all RPA stakeholders in their automation journey and streamline the RPA operation by facilitating impact assessment and process management. 

SmartRoby optimizes the way process are executed, managed, and scheduled. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and user-friendly interfaces, SmartRoby abstracts the technical aspects of RPA administration and pushes the control curser towards businesspeople while keeping the IT involved in the technical governance.

Eric Esnault

CEO - Contaxium

Contaxium wants to use technology not just as a means, but as a differentiating element that accelerates business. The choice of a player capable of supporting us in this area was therefore strategic, and working with Novelis was an obvious choice. Novelis is a global technology player with a high level of expertise, capable of proposing solutions tailored to our needs, which has helped us with a wide range of specific issues (cybersecurity, process automation, etc.). The teams are responsive and competent, which confirms my decision choosen for Contaxium. Above all, Novelis is a company that shares the same spirit, human values and taste for a job well done.