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Automating to meet new technological challenges and become a driving force in the agricultural transition

The Soufflet Group has undertaken an ambitious and progressive automation process. This approach is guided by the value it brings to the business and the return on investment it generates for the company.

The client's challenges and objectives

Soufflet is a French agri-food group with an international dimension, active in the barley, wheat, rice and vegetable sectors, and in supporting wine growers. 

The recent acquisition of the Soufflet Group by InVivo strengthens its positioning as a driving force in the agricultural and food transition in France and abroad, and brings with it numerous challenges and new technological expectations and digital transformation with the aim of deploying its activities on a larger scale.   

The objective of this automation approach is to provide innovative and digital solutions and to accelerate the transformation of business lines by contributing to the company’s growth. 

Following the acquisition of Soufflet, a robot is being developed at Invivo.

Our achievements

We are still in the early stages of the project with the Soufflet Group as it started in November 2021. At the beginning of our mission, we started again from old processes which had already been automated 2 years ago, in order to optimize them and to ensure a continuous maintenance. Our objective was to stabilize them and to guarantee their proper functioning. 

This stability has allowed us to progressively integrate more customers and suppliers of the Soufflet Group and to make them benefit from the advantages of RPA, in particular in terms of improvement of the quality and processing time of their operations. Several processes are already automated and others are still in the qualification phase.   

We operate on a perimeter broken down into 3 phases:   

Indeed, during the first three months of our mission at Soufflet, Novelis also participated in the support of the business and in the configuration of the solution allowing to extend the automation to new processes.    

For this automation project, we rely on Blue Prism technology.   


After a few months of intervention: 4 ongoing processes have been improved, bugs have been fixed and we have finalized and put into production one of the two robots which is now stable. The second one is in test phase, it will be put in production in October 2022.


We can say that we have participated in the acceleration of the automation process of the Soufflet Group.  

The business now sees an interest and the advantages of RPA. 

Novelis' added value

Our expertise in Smart Automation

Through our expertise in RPA, AI, NLP and OCR, we are able to help our clients to deliver efficient automation projects: Smart Automation.    

This means taking into account a general vision of the technology and its contributions in order to deliver a relevant solution to manage both structured and unstructured data, always with the concern of being aligned with the IT roadmap and impacting the economic performance (ROI). 

In addition to our software robots, we also add a particular expertise in the “process mining” or “process assessment” dimension in order to allow the rapid identification of processes and tasks to be automated in priority.   

Our Business Analysts complete this system in the capacity to propose a high vision of the potential of the technology, the investments to be made, the architectures to be deployed and of course the expected ROI. 


Isabelle Lemery

Project Manager - Soufflet

Working with Novelis means being accompanied by responsive teams that are available at all times.  Our exchanges are daily, which allows us to quickly get to the heart of the matter. The teams listen to us, they understand our needs, requests or questions on technical subjects (RPA, automation) and always provide us with quick and documented answers, which are easily understood by the businesses and no one is left out. This helps us to progress and improve our skills on the product itself as well as on the technologies used.  Novelis is a force of proposal on various subjects and offers us solutions adapted to our problems.