Smart Automation, RPA  /  Insurance

Boost operational efficiency by automating business processes

Automation of management operations to manage the relationship between insurance companies and individuals.

The client's challenges and objectives

Lussier is an insurance brokerage firm in Canada. With experience since 1915, Lussier has built a vast network of the largest insurers in Quebec. Their brokers evaluate more than 70 providers in specialized markets and become familiar with their clients’ businesses in order to propose the most appropriate strategies to minimize losses and maximize investments.

The objective behind this automation approach is to provide operational teams with innovative digital solutions that allow them to be more efficient and spend less time on low value-added tasks. This will allow at the same time, to improve the services offered to the customers.

Our achievements

The project is still in its early stages, having started in early 2022, yet we can already see the automation potential behind it.

Our client was a visionary who believed in the potential of automation even before experimenting it. The possibilities that were presented to him allowed him to confirm his idea and decided to make this project a strategic priority.

That’s why we embarked on a process review of the organization to improve its operational efficiency. The management teams were focused on low value-added tasks with a high volume of work, which resulted in delays in processing renewals.

Robotic automation was the best solution for us to address this issue. We therefore implemented Robotic Automation of management operations to manage the relationship between insurance companies and individuals via our SmartRoby solution.

The automated processes concern the management of premium collections, the processing of contract renewals and the pricing and underwriting process.


Since the launch of the project we have seen a number of results very quickly:

3 digital workers and 4 processes in production:

  • Automation of the management of fees
  • Automation of credit/debit processing
  • Management of renewals
  • Creation of renewals

Improvement of renewal processing times

ROI in less than 3 months!


Novelis added value

Your Automation Governance Platform: SmartRoby

SmartRoby is a solution developed by Novelis to support all RPA stakeholders in their automation journey and streamline the RPA operation by facilitating impact assessment and process management. 

SmartRoby optimizes the way process are executed, managed, and scheduled. Powered by Artificial Intelligence and user-friendly interfaces, SmartRoby abstracts the technical aspects of RPA administration and pushes the control curser towards businesspeople while keeping the IT involved in the technical governance.

Akshay Bissoon

IT Executive, CIO | CISO - Lussier

As part of our business process industrialization and automation agenda, we partnered with Novelis to set up SS&C’s Blue Prism. Our AWS ecosystem was a key accelerator in the  deployment of the RPA solution. AWS was our chosen cloud platform given its security protocols and scalability features. Blue Prism integration on AWS was a seamless experience. The endeavour, proven to be very successful, as we automated financial business processes within a few weeks. Our RPA journey with Novelis is just starting as we leverage the current foundation, add more use cases and improve our digital operations.