Analysis of Novelis Gender Equality Index Results

Analysis of Novelis Gender Equality Index Results

The Gender Equality Index is a crucial tool for assessing and promoting gender equality within companies. In France, it has become a mandatory measure for companies with more than 50 employees under the Law for the Freedom to Choose One's Professional Future, enacted in 2018. This index consists of several indicators to measure disparities in wages, individual increases, promotions, and other aspects related to gender equality.

Results for Novelis:

Gender Pay Gap: The company has a gender pay gap of 6.4%, in favor of men. This means that men earn on average 6.4% more than women. Number of points obtained: 33

Difference in Individual Increase Rates: No significant difference is observed, indicating equality in individual increases. Number of points obtained: 35

Percentage of Female Employees Receiving a Pay Raise after Maternity Leave: All female employees who took maternity leave received a pay raise, demonstrating a positive policy towards women in terms of post-maternity leave benefits. Number of points obtained: 15

Number of Underrepresented Gender Employees among the 10 Highest-Paid Employees: The company has 5 underrepresented gender employees among the 10 highest-paid employees, indicating some diversity in high salaries. Number of points obtained: 10


With a total of 93 points out of 100, Novelis demonstrates a strong commitment to gender equality.


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