The Tech for Good tour comes to Novelis!

Apr 25 , 2022

A responsible tour of France to build a more committed and sustainable tech industry

Initiated by makesens and Latitudes, communities of tech actors acting to build an inclusive and sustainable society and to create a more responsible and engaged technology, the Tech for Good tour brings together a series of workshops to raise awareness of the social and environmental challenges of tech.

This year, we welcome the makesens and Latitude teams for the 4th edition of Tech for Good with the aim of offering our collaborators the opportunity to accelerate their reflections on tech and its challenges for tomorrow.

The concept of the Tour de France Tech for Good?

A two-hour workshop with a focus on :

  • Participatory methods to take ownership of the social and environmental issues linked to digital technology: raising awareness of Tech for Good among our collaborators who work with technology on a daily basis
  • The discovery of projects that use technology to solve environmental and social challenges
  • Collective intelligence methodologies to imagine concrete actions to be taken

Novelis wants to make its collaborators aware of a "greener" Tech

This approach is in line with current ecological issues and also demonstrates the global awareness of entrepreneurs in recent years.

We want to make our collaborators aware of internal uses because we believe that technology should not only serve business issues but should also serve the common good. We can use it as a key lever to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This Tour de France demonstrates that profitability and societal/environmental impact are totally compatible and linked.

At Novelis, we pay particular attention to our purchases. We try to buy only what is necessary for the proper functioning of the company, with eco-responsible products and made in France as much as possible.

Even before the health crisis, we used video-conferencing as much as necessary to limit unnecessary travel for our employees. Our offices are located near a large number of public transport links to limit the carbon footprint of our travel. None of our employees have a company car in order to encourage the use of public transport as much as possible. Those who come by bicycle can store their bikes at our premises.

We are dematerialising all our processes. All our invoices are dematerialised and employees receive their pay slips directly to their mailboxes, with the aim of eventually going paperless.

We are also committed to a responsible and environmentally friendly approach with our customers, partners and suppliers.

In our business, we develop innovative solutions that are quicker to implement and therefore less resource- and energy-intensive for both Novelis and our customers.

We favour "low code" or "no code" development approaches that require less energy for configuration and operation.

We strive to create ever more innovative, fast and efficient solutions with the aim of optimising resources, time and energy.

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Apr 25 , 2022

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