ENCGO-Entreprises Forum: Digital & Oriental, what about digital integration for an attractive investment hub? 

Mar 14 , 2023

Mar 15 , 2023

The National School of Commerce and Management of Oujda (Morocco) is organizing the ENCGO-Entreprises Forum on March 14th and 15th, 2023 under the theme "Digital & Oriental: What about digital integration for an attractive investment hub?". 

Held in partnership with Mohammed 1st University of Oujda, this student/business meeting is part of a long-term plan as it is already the 5th edition. The forum aims to contribute to the region's development and improve its competitiveness compared to other major investment hubs. 

The forum's organizers emphasize that this event will bring together more than 2,500 participants, including academics, students, entrepreneurs, and institutional partners, with the aim of encouraging collaboration among these actors and stimulating innovation.

The ENCGO-Entreprises Forum program includes:

  • A plenary conference on "Digital & Oriental: what about digital integration for an attractive investment hub,"
  • A roundtable discussion on "Digital integration at the heart of territorial attractiveness: what perspectives for the Oriental region?," 
  • Practical workshops led by ENCGO graduates, featuring a competition for future entrepreneurs who will have the opportunity to present their innovative solutions before a jury composed of professionals. 

Our team, composed of Douae El Jai, HR Manager, and Ilyass Lazaar, IT Architect, will be on-site to meet with students and offer our internship opportunities. Ilyass Lazaar will also give a presentation on the topic "Information systems: what benefits for Eastern entities?".


Mar 14 , 2023

Mar 15 , 2023

The speakers

Douae El Jai

HR manager

Ilyass Lazaar

Unit Manager / IT Architect

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