Novelis partner of the Techinnov 2021 event

Apr 1 , 2021

As a partner of the Techinnov professional event, our sales teams will be present to meet the customers. This will be an opportunity for us to present our innovative software solutions: SmartRoby (Robot as a Service) and Novy POM (Purchase & Order Management).

Implemented by the Essonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, this 100% business and innovation day has been bringing together more than 2,000 major innovation decision-makers for 15 years. Each one acting in various fields of application, such as: energy, aeronautics, urbanization, IoT, robotics and much more.

Techinnov is a reference event allowing its participants to benefit from a high level of qualification. Worthy of the largest business conventions, Techinnov offers the visibility of a real trade show.

It is during this great moment of exchange and creation of partnerships that we decided to present our solutions answering the challenges of tomorrow in terms of AI and RPA.

With the health crisis, organizations have accelerated their digitalization and deployment in the cloud. However, business process automation and document digitization technologies are still often difficult to implement. On the one hand, because of the lack of technology mastery, but also for cost reasons.

That's why at Novelis we have made it a priority to make digital innovations accessible to all organizations, regardless of their size.

Through our software platforms, our ambition is to democratize access to smart automation solutions such as Novy POM and SmartRoby.

SmartRoby: the turnkey solution to make automation accessible to all organizations in a few weeks

In Robot as a service mode, SmartRoby will allow you to pilot automated processes specifically configured for your organization.

Thanks to a simple, centralized solution with billing based on API consumption, our customers can :

  • Drive their automated processes from a personalized portal in real time

96% of companies have invested in automation projects

  • Track their performance indicators

54% increase in returns

  • Evaluate the feasibility of automating a process and prioritize projects
  • Consult and re-run exceptions to facilitate the work of business teams
  • Measure time saved through process automation

42% market share gain

  • Manage users to securely control access to services, processes and data

We have thought, designed and created SmartRoby in order to remove all the obstacles that an organization could encounter in the implementation of the tools necessary for Smart Automation.

Novy POM: Purchase & Order Management to automate the processing of invoices and orders

Novy POM is a business solution that enables the intelligent automatic processing of supplier invoices and customer purchase orders to optimize their management throughout the chain.

With Novy our customers can :

  • Save time and process items faster

81% acceleration of invoice processing time

  • Make significant savings (resources, cash flow, inventory optimization…)

91% reduction in invoice processing costs

  • Eliminate administrative errors and associated costs
  • Improve the security of information flows
  • Free employees from repetitive tasks to focus on activities that bring value to the company

400% increase in employee productivity

Result: Novy POM enables productivity gains by automating workflows and transforming unstructured data into structured data.

Our customers accelerate and secure the execution of all their processes.

Apr 1 , 2021

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