#new #website

The Novelis website gets a new look! 


#new #website

Mar 11 , 2022 read

The Novelis team is proud to present its brand new website 

A few months after unveiling our new brand identity, we are pleased to announce the release of our new website novelis.io. More modern, more rich, this website is meant to be a virtual showcase of our expertise and our corporate culture. Our goal is that visitors will find interesting content that will make them want to share our journey whether they are candidates or clients! 

Since our creation in 2017 and over the years, we have built a team of experts from different backgrounds and professions, all sharing the same convictions, values and desire to advance technology. Day after day we work to make innovations accessible to all organizations and to advance research worldwide. Our new website allows us to share with you the fruits of our work and the feedback from our clients and collaborators.  

A new user experience and a design that reflects our image 

Entirely managed internally in a few months, the redesign of the Novelis website was a priority to allow us to better promote our expertise and know-how, but above all to offer a more fluid and intuitive user experience. I’m proud of the work accomplished by our teams on both the back and front-end developments and on the design, which now faithfully reflects our new brand identity.”

Ilyass Lazaar – Technical Architect  

The site’s arborescence has been totally revisited to offer interesting content that is quickly accessible. Discover our new universe : 

To discover our professions, our technologies, our team spirit, our culture, our values… So that all talents can appreciate all the professional opportunities we offer.   

  • A space dedicated to our expertise, business cases and client testimonials 

To let you appreciate the extent of our expertise and know-how.   

  • To highlight the advances made by our internal research laboratory

To share our current work, our challenges, our visions, scientific publications… 

To know more about the current news and all our blog articles, events, press releases. 

We hope you will appreciate this new way of communicating with us, and we wish you a pleasant discovery of the site. 

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