#ProcessIntelligence #rpa

[White Paper] Accelerate the automation of your processes with Process Intelligence!


#ProcessIntelligence #rpa

Jul 2 , 2023 read

Regardless of the industry you operate in, developing a process automation strategy can be complex, and measuring ROI can be challenging. It is crucial to choose the right processes to automate and have a solid understanding of them before implementing automation.

Novelis, together with its partners SS&C Blue Prism and ABBYY, offers you the opportunity to explore in this whitepaper an integrated solution that combines process intelligence with automation.

Through detailed analysis of 3 client cases, you will understand the relevance and power of process intelligence technology.

  1. Exploration and optimization of a subscription process in the Savings domain.
  2. How the implementation of the solution helps mitigate regulatory risk in the Finance industry.
  3. Step-by-step demonstration (also available in video) on a real order to cash process (retail/manufacturing).
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