[Webinar] Facilitate and accelerate GDPR compliance with data anonymization

Apr 4 , 2023 - 11:30

Technological advancements (connected objects, development of 5G) have made the exchange of massive data in our society more fluid. Today, this data represents a real wealth in terms of the quantities of information that could be used to analyze political climates, predict crises, and improve services, products, and processes, for example. This phenomenon of massification and circulation of data thus raises the question of the risk of privacy violations due to the exposure of personal data.

According to the latest report by the American giant McAfee, a survey of cloud service users shows that : 

  • 91% of respondents do not encrypt inactive data,  
  • 87% do not delete data immediately after closing an account. 

While GDPR currently requires companies to do everything possible to secure their personal data without risking heavy fines, anonymization is not a general obligation. But this technique, coupled with AI and automation, is increasingly being seen as the most effective means of compliance.

Anonymization will allow companies to continue processing personal data while respecting the rights and freedoms of individuals, thus significantly reducing their exposure to potential attacks. This also strengthens system security and reduces the risk of data theft, as once anonymized, the data has no value.

Where previously GDPR could be a constraint around data, it now becomes an opportunity to better protect oneself.

Former RGPD lawyer & certified DPO - CEO & Co-founder of Dipeeo, Raphaël Buchard, will give us the keys to stay RGPD compliant. 

Our technical and business experts at Novelis - Sanoussi Alassan, Data Scientist and Raphaël Brunel, Data Analyst - will talk about the technical solution we propose: data anonymization coupled with AI for structured data processing and automation for unstructured data processing.  

On the agenda of this webinar:  

  • RGPD & Compliance  
  • Presentation of use cases 
  • Knowing the different anonymization methods and equipping yourself with a professional solution  
  • Demonstration

Apr 4 , 2023 - 11:30

The speakers

Sanoussi Alassan

Data Scientist

Raphaël Buchard

CEO & Co-founder Dipeeo

Raphaël Brunel

Senior Business Analyst - Process Intelligence Expert

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