#corporate #dna #identity #logo

Novelis unveils its new brand identity with a more colorful and modern logo!


#corporate #dna #identity #logo

Sep 20 , 2021 read

Novelis Digital Innovation becomes Novelis

Paris, September 20, 2021 – Novelis, a French technology company at the forefront of AI research, specializing in innovative architectures and operational efficiency of business processes, is revamping its logo and brand identity. To mark the occasion, the company is embarking on a major global redesign of its website (to be discovered soon).

Created in 2017, Novelis is a hybrid structure halfway between startup, consulting firm, publisher and service company. At Novelis, innovation is reflected in daily investments, both in disruptive technologies and in the work carried out in their internal R&D Laboratory. The latter is financed by their service activities up to 1/4 of the turnover.

The company currently employs more than 80 people and has an international presence, supporting some 50 customers in their business challenges.

A new logo for a new brand identity

The choice of the company name is not insignificant, Novelis is inspired by the word “innovation”. The challenge was to bring out this value visually and graphically, to create a simple, modern and memorable logo.

It’s not easy to put the word innovation in an identity visual, so the idea here was to use a symbol that represents the essence of that innovation and since this is a Tech-oriented company, what better than the <code /> ?

As for the choice of colors, they give the logo depth by establishing a visual link with Novelis’ values and personality: dynamic and passionate. They represent the multicultural side of the company, which strives to look for talent all over the world, from Latin America to Africa to Europe, hence this mesh of colors.

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