Interview with Olivier Chosson, Director of Operations at Novelis, at AM Tech Day


Oct 26 , 2023 read

On October 3rd, Novelis was present at AM Tech Day, the must-attend event for portfolio managers and asset managers organized by L'AGEFI. 

During this event, Olivier Chosson, Director of Operations, discussed Novelis' value proposition in an interview, focusing on how Novelis supports asset managers in optimizing asset management through generative AI, automation, and cybersecurity

You can find the interview below: 

Adrien: I'm pleased to welcome you to the AGEFI AM Tech Day studio today at the Palais Brongniart, Olivier Chosson. Hello! 

Olivier: Hello, Adrien. 

Adrien: You are an associate and director of operations at Novelis, and I naturally want to ask the question, Novelis, what is it? 

Olivier: Novelis is a specialist in operational efficiency and supports its clients through the comprehensive analysis of their processes using tools such as Process Intelligence and Intelligent Automation. We also leverage Artificial Intelligence, including Generative AI, to enhance our offerings. We work on innovative architectures like modular architectures and, of course, cybersecurity to secure all the data we work with. 

Our firm is structured around an R&D laboratory specializing in artificial intelligence. We exclusively employ AI researchers dedicated to fundamental research in this field, contributing to the advancement of models. Why did we take this initiative? To anticipate market developments and offer our clients and partners products as soon as they are mature and ready for operational use, ensuring their successful market deployment. 

Adrien: So, you've really dived into the AI issue, fully embracing it. 

Olivier: Indeed, that's our job, and that's what we've built the firm on for a little over 6 years now. 

Adrien: I would have asked many people what they think about AI as a topic for the future. Some are addressing it today, but for others, it's a topic for tomorrow. For you, it's already a current issue, perhaps even since yesterday and today. So, in your opinion, what is the topic of tomorrow? 

Olivier: For Novelis, Generative AI will become indispensable in the business world, starting from tomorrow. When we mention Generative AI, many people think of ChatGPT. However, starting today, companies have the opportunity to have their own ChatGPT model, specifically working on their data and processes. 

What is the goal? It's about delivering significant value, but for whom? Firstly, for their customers. Companies will be able to offer more personalized, faster, and higher-value services. This will also bring value to their employees. They can focus on their skills, develop their expertise, and provide even more value to customers. Ultimately, the entire company can increase its value in this way. 

Adrien: And that's what you do, you assist these companies in this process. 

Olivier: Exactly. That's our job. 

Adrien: There you have it. For those who want to learn more, you can, of course, visit the Novelis booth here at the AM Tech Day. 

Olivier: Exactly. 

Adrien: Olivier Chosson, partner and director of operations at Novelis, thank you very much. 

Olivier: Thank you, Adrien. 

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