OWD: Save time and effort by using AI to detect scenes involving keywords or objects in a video


Nov 20 , 2021 read

A solution for detecting scenes involving keywords or objects in a video thanks to AI (NLP, Speech Analytics...)  

Are you looking for a specific scene in a video? Would you like to identify all the moments when a specific object or keyword appears? Object Word Detection (OWD) takes your video content search to the next level.

Incomparable benefits :

  1. Save time: No need to watch hours of content. OWD finds what you're looking for in seconds.
  2. Surgical precision: Our advanced algorithm guarantees relevant results every time.
  3. Ease of use: Intuitive interface - search, click, discover.
  4. Adaptable: Compatible with a wide range of video formats.

Here are a few use cases for OWD

  • Content producers: Quickly identify relevant footage during post-production.
  • Marketing teams: Find out when your product is mentioned or appears in videos.
  • Educators and trainers: Quickly find specific scenes or demonstrations to illustrate your courses.
  • Security professionals: Analyze recordings to pinpoint specific objects or actions ; Detect malicious persons or objects.
  • Movie buffs: Find your favorite scenes in the blink of an eye

Technical principles

Environment :

  • Web application (Python development language / Flask framework)
  • Object detection (AI - DL, Dataset: coco, API: OpenCV)
  • Word detection (API: speech recognition)

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