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Our mission is to revolutionize business efficiency through Innovation. Leveraging AI, automation and process intelligence, we transform operations, supercharge performance, and unlock growth for businesses worldwide

Novelis is a Gold Certified Delivery Partner of SS&C Blue Prism!

This distinction highlights our commitment to pushing back the limits of technology and anticipating our customers' needs.

Our Services

Intelligent Automation

Novelis stands out with a dedicated team of 50+ certified consultants. Our focus is on practical implementation of intelligent automation solutions, leveraging technologies like RPA, Generative AI, NLP, and desktop automation to deliver real results.​

Artificial Intelligence and GenAI

As an expert partner in operational efficiency, we offer customized and secure AI solutions. Our in-house R&D Lab, staffed by a team of experts in AI, NLP and generative AI, guides you from design to deployment of high-quality business applications and all your AI projects.

Process Intelligence:

With Process Intelligence (PI), our 40+ consultants understand your processes, aiding informed decisions and boosting operational efficiency.

Innovative Architectures

We partner with you to shape the most suitable technical and functional frameworks to simplify, harmonize, and operate secure information systems.​


Seamlessly integrate real-time threat analysis, encompassing intrusion tests, audits, and threat identification, with continuous support for governance, processes, and best practices.This comprehensive approach fortifies your defenses against cyber-attacks and fosters enduring cyber resilience.​

Our Products

Your Automation Governance Platform

SmartRoby is a solution that supports all RPA stakeholders in their automation journey and streamlines RPA operations by facilitating impact assessment and process execution management. ​

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Your Purchase & Order Management Platform

Novy POM is a business solution that enables the intelligent and automatic processing of supplier invoices and customer purchase orders, optimizing their management throughout the entire chain.

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Your Advanced Document Anonymization Solution

eShadow is an advanced document pseudonymization and anonymization solution designed to protect sensitive data. Using sophisticated techniques that combine generative and symbolic AI, eShadow secures your confidential information while preserving its utility for data analysis and processing. ​

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Your Precision Summarization Solution

eSummarize is an innovative solution for quickly producing accurate and concise summaries from unstructured texts and lengthy documents. Leveraging generative AI algorithms, eSummarize extracts all essential information from your documents to provide high-quality summaries in just one click. ​

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Our Events

May 14 , 2024
May 14 , 2024
Novelis sponsors the SS&C Blue Prism Live in Frankfurt
On May 14, an event focused on AI and Automation will be hosted in Frankfurt by our partner SS&C Blue Prism. This event is crucial for technology professionals who are eager to master and implement Intelligent Automation and AI in their fields of activity. As a sponsor, Novelis is honored to participate in this initiative, which will highlight the most relevant innovation strategies.
Le Méridien Hotel, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
May 1 , 2024
May 2 , 2024
Novelis sponsors Chief AI Officer USA Exchange in Florida
On May 1st and 2nd, Novelis is proud to sponsor the Chief AI Officer USA Exchange in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! This event plays a crucial role in helping businesses harness AI's benefits and cautiously navigate its ethical challenges and privacy concerns in a rapidly evolving landscape. Join our experts Catherine Stewart, President and General Manager for the Americas, and Paul Branson, Director of Solution Engineering, who will be on hand!
Apr 30 , 2024
Apr 30 , 2024
Novelis sponsors the SS&C Blue Prism Live in New York City
On April 30, our partner SS&C Blue Prism Live is hosting an event in New York on the theme of AI and Automation. This is a key event for technology professionals wishing to understand and apply the principles of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence in their fields of activity. As a sponsor, Novelis is proud to be associated with this event, which promises to highlight the most relevant innovation strategies of our time.
Mar 14 , 2024
Novelis takes part in SS&C Blue Prism User Group event in Greece
On March 14th, Novelis will be taking part in the SS&C Blue Prism User Group in Greece! Our experts, Georges Abou Haidar, Product Manager and Solutions Architect, and Ina Krebs, General Manager for DACH & Nordics, will lead a session on Smart Roby and share their ideas on how the solution helps companies optimise and streamline their AI operations. Don't miss this session!
Feb 27 , 2024
Novelis sponsors SS&C Blue Prism Live in Dallas
The live event organised by our partner SS&C Blue Prism is an immersive and interactive day dedicated to the future of intelligent automation. As a player specialized of end-to-end solutions and services that merge our process expertise with intelligent automation and advances in AI, such as generative AI, we are proud to be a Sponsor of this event.
Novelis sponsors SS&C Blue Prism Live in Toronto
The Live event organized by our partner SS&C Blue Prism is an immersive and interactive one-day event dedicated to the future of intelligent automation. As a player specialized in offering comprehensive solutions and services that seamlessly combine our process expertise with intelligent automation and AI advances such as generative AI, we are proud to be a Regional Sponsor of this event.
OMNES Education JobDating for apprenticeship students – Novelis meets ECE students
On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, OMNES Education Corporate Relations will be organizing the last face-to-face meeting of the year between apprenticeship students and companies. Our team of Claudia Llaury - Recruitment Manager and Sylvie Lottiaux - Project Manager will be on the ECE campus for a half-day 100% recruitment event, proposing several work-study offers for Master 2 students.
Nov 14 , 2023
Novelis is participating in the dedicated event for Corporate Finance: Future of Finance 2023
Novelis will be present at Future of Finance 2023: the event dedicated to the transformation of Corporate Finance. An immersive workshop on generative AI as an accelerator for business process automation will be conducted by Georges Abou Haidar, Senior Consultant and Solutions Architect at Novelis.
Novelis Sponsors the Future of Process Mining Summit 
On November 14th, Novelis is proud to sponsor the Future of Process Mining Summit in New York, organized by Group Futurista! Meet our experts, Paul Branson, our Director of Solution Engineering, and Rob Marino, Account Manager at Novelis, who will be present to explore the transformative power of Process Intelligence in identifying and solving process inefficiencies. Don’t miss Paul’s keynote session where he’ll be delving into crafting a strategic approach for implementing and embracing Process Intelligence. In an era where data is the lifeblood of informed decision-making, this session will be your gateway to unlocking its boundless potential!
Nov 9 , 2023
[Webinar] All you need to know about ISO 27001: challenges and certification process
The proliferation of cyber threats is increasingly imposing ISO/IEC 27001 - a standard dedicated to the security of information systems - on the French landscape. Between 2021 and 2023, the number of certified companies in France rose from 351 to over 900, demonstrating the growing importance of ISO and the centrality of data protection issues for organizations. In this webinar, find out how Novelis can support you in your ISO 27001 certification process.

ISO 27001 certified and ExpertCyber label

The ExpertCyber label, developed by, aims to enhance the level of expertise of professionals in digital security and ensures clients a high level in our ability to assist and support. The AFAQ ISO/IEC 27001 certification demonstrates that we have implemented an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) built on the basis of the international reference standard, ISO 27001.

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