Why a R&D Lab ?

The will to create an R&D Lab is one of the founding acts of Novelis. As a technology company, in a world that is changing rapidly at every moment, being engaged in research is a key and necessary element for the founders of Novelis, to better serve its clients. By investing 30% of its revenues in research, the Novelis R&D Lab aims to develop and implement a high-performance Innovation and Research strategy. This differentiating strategy aims to manage the technologies of today and those of tomorrow in order to contribute to ambitious projects including technological locks. Novelis meets these technological constraints through its exchanges with its clients and partners and with the IT departments of companies and public services.

The Novelis R&D Lab is made up of its own resources, in particular PhD holders in computer science and AI, or PhD students All the work that is carried out by this team irrigates the different Novelis departments in order to be ready at all times to respond to expectations that could not be dealt with or emerging needs on the part of our clients. This research culture is also aligned with Novelis’ values: being transparent and daring, going off the beaten track but ensuring the viability and truthfulness of the facts and the proposed solutions.

Beyond contributions on basic research, our approach is therefore part of the will to change the way we look at new technologies which may still appear far away but which are there, before our eyes, ready to be integrated :


What are the topics managed by our PhDs?

The Lab R&D works especially around 4 main topics : 

Smart Automation

Augmented Reality


Artificial Intelligence

Focus around 2 projects in progress :

AIDA (Artificial Intelligence for Development Assistant): a Smart Programming solution aimed at designing and implementing artificial developers in order to simplify the job of IT development and overcome technological limitations and constraints, and also to avoid repetitive work.

As you can see, our ambition is to see IT in an another way and to contribute to its future.

An open innovation approach

As you know, research work cannot be agreed without partners. Novelis is actively working to build bridges with prestigious universities and schools. Thus, partnerships have been established with the AI Laboratory of the Ecole Polytechnique de Paris. We are continuing our efforts to build links with other organizations and thus stimulate synergies to go further and faster. Already 5 articles since 2019 have been published and / or are in the process of being validated by the scientific community. This work has been praised by the French Administration (Education and Research) two years in a row, allowing Novelis to be awarded the Young Innovative Company Label (french label).