Novelis meets future IT experts at Supinfo Paris Job Dating

Apr 6 , 2022

On Wednesday, April 6, 2022, the Novelis team will visit Supinfo Paris to meet future IT talents.

Supinfo was one of the first higher education schools to measure all the issues that IT had to face in companies and that is why it became its specialty. Since 1965, the school allows all its students to pursue concrete and business-oriented training to build a career in IT.  

During this day, Medina Belkhedra (Recruitment Officer) and Thomas Rouyer (Research and Development Engineer) will be attending to meet the students and present the internship opportunities at Novelis: 

Our development engineers are involved in the implementation of new business features on products marketed by Novelis. 

In the context of this internship, students will be able to increase their skills on subjects related to architecture, technical expertise and Java and be accompanied by experienced technical managers. Do you want to become a Java developer, technical expert or project manager? We offer personalized support in each career development. 

Our AI and NLP engineers work in our R&D Lab on our "Smart-programming" research program. The objective of the program is to automatically and intelligently transform a document in human language, such as specifications, into a final Web application ready to go into production. 

The interns will work on innovation topics around Smart Automation (RPA enriched by AI or OCR) and on concrete customer projects. They will have the opportunity to have a real impact and to contribute to the publication of works in scientific files. They will be able to increase their skills in Machine Learning and data analysis in order to evolve towards a position of Data Scientist, Lead Data Scientist or even R&D Engineer. 

Why join our team?

At Novelis, we are looking for ambitious people who are not afraid to take on new challenges and who want to have an impact on the technological world of tomorrow.  

More than skills, we are looking for candidates who are passionate about Tech, who share the same sense of commitment and excellence. 

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Apr 6 , 2022

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